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What are the best mobile games this year? 6 super clear open world mobile games recommended

With the development of science and technology, the functionality of mobile computer game equipment is becoming more and more powerful, which provides more possibilities for game lovers. Now there are many kinds of games in the game market, but there are few really unique and fun games. To evaluate whether a game is fun or not, in addition to its plot and content, the more important thing is the picture quality. The editor of this article has brought you six hand games with excellent picture quality, excellent visual effect and high degree of freedom. Friends who like to play hand games should not miss them.

1. Ark: survival and evolution

This is a survival open world game. The story mainly tells that a group of people wake up on the mysterious beach and explore the ancient open world in order to survive. Players need to obtain necessities of life through cooperation / competition. Humans need to hunt, harvest, research technology, and even build shelters according to dynamic weather changes. Dangerous ancient animals will appear randomly and threaten human survival.

In addition, players also need to tame all kinds of dinosaurs and other primitive creatures in the game through strategies and tactics, and use them to cross the sea, land and air, and even enter the underground world. Players can make full use of the in-depth role-playing system in this work to create the strengths of their characters and obtain various items and pets. Players also have to compete with hundreds of other player tribes for survival, and finally find the real purpose of 'Ark'.

2. Six engine left wheel

This is an open world mobile game, and the game background is also set in the wild western region. In the game, players will explore towns, trails, bars, find and hunt supernatural creatures. In the game, as the protagonist, players will face various events, try to find out the facts and fight criminals, vampires and other evil forces to the end.

The game provides players with a rich choice of weapons and equipment. The six engine revolver has more than 40 various tasks waiting for players to challenge. In the game, players can race horses, arrest robbers, avoid groups of enemies when they are surrounded and chased as much as possible, unlock 8 different good horses, 19 sophisticated weapons and all kinds of clothes, ammunition and other items.

3. Crazy city 4: escape from prison

This is a very fun action adventure mobile game. The playing method is similar to the famous game sin city. The English name is mad City IV prism escape. The game has a high degree of freedom and multiple levels. It is very playable. Drive different vehicles to run rampant in the city, escape from prison and expand your power.

4. Lone chariot: New Orleans

This is an open world role playing game. The game inherits the high degree of freedom of the ancient lone car gods. In this free world, while completing various tasks, you can enjoy the pleasure of killing and racing in commercial areas, industrial areas, swamps, villas and other areas.

The new protagonist Jack and his accomplices will also write a new evil chapter in New Orleans. In the city of New Orleans, it is divided into 12 areas: French district, plantation, Madisonville, shrimp City, metieri, chalmet, Central Business District, Algiers, Jean tiy, manchak Bay, Gretna and Kenna. Each area has its own unique style, different wonderful tasks and local gang leaders.


This is a planetary adventure hand tour. In the game, players can explore space and unknown planets, investigate uncultivated areas, and may also have to fight alien creatures. The operation mode of the touch rocker is also relatively matched with the operation habits on the mobile phone. The picture in the promotional video is still good, and the game has won favor in steam.

6. Fortress night

This is a third person shooting game. Global warming and environmental pollution are becoming more and more serious. There are a group of monsters who begin to invade human territory at night. In the training camp, young people should learn parachuting skills, construction skills, gun use, how to escape the bad air, etc. The young people who fail in training will be sent back to the original village. The final winner will become the warrior of the village and lead everyone to defend their home together.

In PVP mode, players will play a young man participating in the selection, compete with other competitors, determine the final winner, and lead everyone to save the village and defend their homes. In PvE mode, players can team up to explore the world, save survivors, and confront incoming monsters.