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How to solve the fog of goggles when swimming? These tips are easy for you to learn

It's annoying to fog your goggles when swimming. Is there any good way?

Tip 1: saliva:

Spit on the inner surface of the goggle, and then apply it evenly by hand. It has a certain effect (athletes also use this method).

Coup 2. Special antifogging agent:

Antifogging agent is easy to use and has long-lasting effect. Drop 1 or 2 drops, apply evenly with antifogging agent sponge, dry in the shade or use immediately. Antifogging agents can be purchased on Taobao and sold in many swimming pools.

Tips 3. Hand sanitizer or shampoo:

Every time before swimming, I drop a drop of detergent (without adding water) and wipe it with a napkin or a fine dry cloth. Make sure there's no fog. In winter, there will be a small amount of condensate in it, which can be poured out in half an hour; There is almost no such problem in summer.

What if there is no paper towel or dry cloth. Isn't there a washstand before entering the swimming pool? Hand sanitizer is usually provided. Of course, you can bring your own high-grade one, and then squeeze some hand sanitizer into the mirror frame, wipe it evenly and rinse it. OK, it should be enough for you to swim once.

Coup four, shampoo foam:

First fill the whole glasses with shampoo and shampoo. After the shower is done, the foam on the mirror is thrown slightly. Then rinse with clean water. In the income box, rinse the mirror in the pool before putting it on the water, and then OK. The effect is very good!

Tips 5. Egg white:

First, clean the inner surface of the goggles with a little detergent, cool and dry, take a fresh egg, break a small hole, let the egg white flow into the goggles to make it evenly distributed, and then pour out the excess egg white, cool and dry. The anti fog effect is very good, but the operation is troublesome.

Tips 6. Eyeglasses potion:

After swimming, it can prevent fog for 2 hours by using the liquid medicine for cleaning contact lenses, which is more convenient and hygienic.