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How to distinguish the US version from the Japanese version of the National Bank of China Hong Kong

With the development of times and technology, the strength of domestic mobile phone brands has become stronger and stronger in recent years, and they have attracted more and more attention and recognition. Moreover, many domestic mobile phones have very high cost performance. The best-selling of domestic mobile phones has a great impact on the sales of Apple mobile phones. Therefore, recently, Apple has attracted consumers through substantial price cuts. However, there are many versions of Apple phones, such as Bank of China, Hong Kong Version, American version, Australian Version and Japanese version. Do you know about these versions of Apple phones? What are the differences between different versions of Apple phones? This article introduces the differences between the National Bank, Hong Kong Version, American version, Australian Version and Japanese version of Apple mobile phone. Let's have a look.

In fact, apple mobile phones are mainly divided into Bank of China, Hong Kong Version, American version, Australian Version and Japanese version. Since many kids don't know how to distinguish the version of the mobile phone, let me teach you a method. First, we enter the [settings] page, click [general], then click [about mobile phone], find the column of 'model', and see what the letter in front of a is. Ch represents the Bank of China, ZP represents the Hong Kong Version, ll represents the American version, and j represents the Japanese version, X stands for Australian Version.

The common versions in our life are the Bank of China, Hong Kong Version, American version and Japanese version, while the Australian version is rarely seen. Let's take the most common for example.

Price aspect

Among so many versions, the price of BOC's mobile phone is the highest, followed by the Hong Kong Version, and finally the American version and the Japanese version. Generally speaking, the Hong Kong version is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Bank of China, while the American version and the Japanese version are as much as thousands of yuan. So many times the Hong Kong version and the American version are more popular.

Warranty issues

In terms of warranty, the Bank of China Version and the Hong Kong version have great advantages, because every city in China has a warranty point for Apple mobile phones and only supports the warranty of these two models. Among them, the Hong Kong version will also cause the problem of no warranty due to different warranty policies every year. Other versions such as the US version and the Japanese version don't support warranty, so if you don't buy the Bank of China and the Hong Kong Version, you should pay attention to the warranty. After all, the maintenance cost of apple is still very high, and it takes hundreds of thousands to break a screen.

Network problems

If you buy the Bank of China Version, you don't have to worry about network problems, because the Bank of China version supports three modes of China Mobile Unicom and Telecom. Which card you use supports 4G network. However, if you don't use BOC, you should pay attention to whether the mobile phone supports all Netcom, because some American mobile phones are only dual Netcom, and one mode can't be used, which will bring inconvenience to some consumers. Therefore, before buying, we should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to the network. In addition, the Hong Kong version generally does not support telecommunications. Although the current new system liberates this feature, most people do not want to upgrade the system, so if you use telecommunications, you must upgrade to the latest system version before you can use telecommunications 4G. Of course, if you want to query what network mode your mobile phone supports, Xiaobian can teach you a little skill. Let's click [setting] - [general] - [about this machine] - [serial number]. After obtaining this serial number, we can query the network model it supports on the official website, which will be explained.

Shutdown charging function

Friends who have carefully observed should find that if it is the national bank version of Apple mobile phone, the charging will not automatically turn on when it is turned off, while other versions of mobile phones do not support the function of turning off and charging. Generally, the mobile phone will automatically turn on when it is completely powered off.

Camera mute

I believe that if you use the Japanese version of Apple's mobile phone, you will find that you can't mute when taking pictures. Even if you use the mute mode or turn the mobile phone volume to the minimum, there is still sound when taking pictures. In fact, ah, this is because sneak shooting is prohibited in Japan, so the camera mute function is naturally not available on the mobile phone. For such regulations, Xiaobian is also puzzled, so if you want to take photos, the Japanese version is not recommended.

After reading the above points, do you guys have a deeper understanding of the differences between different versions of Apple mobile phones? Of course, when buying mobile phones, you still focus on the price, warranty and network, so if you want to buy Apple mobile phones, you must see the above points clearly, If some partners want to buy from a third party, they should pay special attention to be familiar with some features of apple so that they will not be cheated by scalpers.