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Clean the kitchen stains. Don't waste these common ingredients

Don't know how to clean kitchen stains? Don't waste these common ingredients!

Four wonderful uses of vinegar

1. Cleaning coffee machine

Suggestion: first add the same amount of vinegar and water, then pour it into the coffee machine, start it for a while, stop and let it settle for an hour. After that, it will be completed after a while.

2. Cleaning microwave oven

Cleaning the microwave oven is not difficult at all. Suggestion: mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of water and heat in the microwave for 10 minutes. After that, it should be easy to wipe away stains and residual food.

3. Dredge the water tank

The sink is often blocked? Suggestion: pour half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of soda into the sink, and then rinse with water.

4. Clean the glass

Is the surface of glass easy to leave stains? Suggestion: just use vinegar to clean glass products and wipe off oil and water stains.

Four wonderful uses of lemon

1. Remove odor from microwave oven

Busy modern people often use microwave ovens to heat food, which is very convenient. However, the smell of different foods will remain in the microwave oven, and it is also a hotbed of bacteria. How can we remove the odor and bacteria together?

Suggestion: slice a lemon and soak it in water. Put this bowl of lemonade in the microwave oven and heat it at high temperature for one minute. In this way, lemon can play an antibacterial role and remove the residual smell of food. After that, just wipe the inside of the microwave oven with a wet cloth.

2. Washing dishes

When the dishwashing detergent runs out, can't you wash the dishes? Of course not. Suggestion: cut a lemon in half, then sprinkle some soda powder on the cut surface. After that, rub the half cut lemon into the dishes. Citric acid will decompose oil stains and make pots and pans glitter after washing.

3. Disinfect the cutting board

Many housewives cut different ingredients on the chopping board, which shows that there are absolutely many bacteria left on the chopping board. Suggestion: put the chopping board flat, squeeze half a lemon on the chopping board and wait for ten minutes. After that, wipe the whole chopping board back and forth with the cut surface of another half lemon to disinfect the chopping board.

4. Cleaning glass

The glass surface is easy to leave dirt and water stains. What can I do? Suggestion: just mix four tablespoons of lemon juice with eight cups of water. After that, scrub the glass with lemonade. Citric acid will decompose dirt, oil and water stains and restore the glass to a clean and smooth state.

Four wonderful uses of salt

1. Cleaning tank

If you don't clean the sink at home, you will smell the smell from the sink from time to time. Suggestion: add salt to hot water and flush it directly down the sink. If it is cleaned regularly, the peculiar smell can be removed and the accumulation of oil stains can be avoided.

2. Clean the iron surface

If the iron is used for a long time, dirt may deposit on the contact surface, making it difficult to iron clothes. Suggestion: sprinkle some salt on a piece of paper, and then iron the hot iron directly on the paper to remove the residual stains.

3. Wipe off rust stains

Do household items have to be lost if they are rusty? Suggestion: mix salt and Tata powder into a paste, then wipe it back and forth on the rusty surface, then wipe it clean, and then shine it with a dry soft cloth.

4. Clean the coffee pot

Coffee stains often remain in coffee pots. How to remove them easily? Suggestion: in the coffee pot, add some salt and ice, shake the coffee pot hard, and then wash it to remove stubborn coffee stains.