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How to measure formaldehyde? What are the tips for removing formaldehyde?

After the decoration of the new house, another headache is the problem of formaldehyde. Generally, there is a lot of formaldehyde in the room after decoration. Formaldehyde is a harmful gas for the human body. If you often inhale these formaldehyde, you will easily get respiratory diseases and feel dizzy in serious cases. So how do we test formaldehyde? Is there any way to clear it?

How to test formaldehyde - 1. Sensory method

Because formaldehyde is a gas with strong pungent taste. If you can smell a pungent smell in the decorated house, it means that the formaldehyde content in the house exceeds the standard and the air pollution is serious. It is necessary to remove the indoor formaldehyde gas immediately. This is the most direct formaldehyde test method.

How to test formaldehyde - 2. Formaldehyde detection box method

Buy a formaldehyde detection box on the market, and seal the space where the formaldehyde content is to be detected. After one hour, operate the formaldehyde detection box according to the operation manual, put it into the sealed space, stand for dozens of minutes, compare the color of the formaldehyde detection box with the color card, and estimate the concentration value of formaldehyde content in the detection space, This is a more economical and practical test method.

How to test formaldehyde - 3. Formaldehyde detector method

Formaldehyde detector is a precision instrument specially used to test formaldehyde content. Its result is the most accurate of all formaldehyde test methods. However, the cost of this kind of detection method will be higher and the operation process is more complex, so generally we will not choose to use this method to test the formaldehyde content in the home.

How to test formaldehyde - 4. Professional detection method

There are many companies specialized in detecting formaldehyde on the market. You can also directly invite these professional companies to carry out formaldehyde test. If the indoor formaldehyde content is too high, you can also directly ask them to manage it. It is very convenient and fast, which reduces the troubles and burden of the majority of decoration users.

Two recommended methods for super practical removal of formaldehyde

1. Activated carbon method

If the detected indoor formaldehyde content is not very high, an appropriate amount of activated carbon or bamboo charcoal can be placed at home, because their surfaces have many small holes, which can adsorb the formaldehyde gas in the air. This is a common formaldehyde removal method. It is not only cheap, but also not easy to cause secondary pollution and will not endanger human health and safety.

2. Chemical agent method

Now there are many special formaldehyde removal chemical products on the market, including formaldehyde cleaning agent, plant stock solution formaldehyde removal products, nano photocatalyst and other product series. They all have the effect of removing formaldehyde, and the product effect is very obvious. However, when choosing such products, we should try to choose products with less secondary pollution, otherwise it is easy to lose more than gain.