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How to spell medicine in the final circle of peace elite the strongest spell medicine teaching in th

How to spell medicine in the final circle of peace elite the strongest spell medicine teaching in the final circle of peace elite in the final circle of the peace elite, when the whole audience is a poison circle, the most important thing at this time is not to find the enemy, but to spell the medicine, because two steps will die, so how can the peace elite spell the medicine? Let's have a look.

First of all, in the final circle, if you hide in the destiny circle, and the enemy can't find it, but the enemy is unwilling to come out and fight with you, it's crucial to spell medicine at this time.

The key to deciding whether you eat chicken or not.

Before shrinking the circle, we should fill up the energy, but the energy is also different. If we are running at ordinary times, drinking drinks is the first choice, but we must give priority to painkillers in the final circle. When the final circle comes, painkillers can restore blood volume a little faster, which is likely to make you eat chicken successfully. Of course, if you have adrenaline, it's not the same.

In the Jedi survival, the only drink to recover the blood full is the medical bag, but you must not use the medical bag in the final circle, because it takes too long. You will be dead when the poison circle comes. When the final circle is full of energy, the medicine can only be a first-aid kit, because it takes time and restores blood volume with the highest cost performance. Although the bandage is fast, the amount of blood recovered is too small to be used at all.

The most important thing is to throw away the rest of the medical kits before using the first aid kit, because the system will automatically recommend drugs to you when you are dissatisfied with your blood volume at the beginning, usually drinks, which leads to a long time for you to change drugs. The hand speed is slow. It's probably too late to take medicine.

The last thing to mention is the rhythm. According to Xiaobian's calculation, the most perfect rhythm of the peace elite is to hit the first-aid kit immediately when your blood volume drops to the white control line, so that you can hit the second one before falling to the ground. In this cycle, as long as your first-aid kit is no less than the opposite one, you will be able to spell medicine successfully.

Of course, the most perfect way is still to knock the other party down in the final circle. After all, medicine spelling not only tests hand speed, but also mentality. If you miss, you won't be able to eat chicken.