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Tang Hede cherishes the memory of Zhang Guorong

Tang Hede cherishes the memory of Zhang Guorong today is the 16th anniversary of Zhang Guorong's death. At this time of year, lover Tang Hede will send a document to cherish his memory. This year, Tang Hede wrote: 'how many happy memories in the past, why not chase them with you'. So how did Zhang Guorong and Tang Hede know each other? Let's have a look.

The two met in 1982 and started a relationship in 1983. In 1985, the relationship was spread, but they deliberately turned the relationship into an underground affair

In 1996, at the farewell my concubine concert, Zhang Guorong publicly sang "love for you" for Tang Tang. The two people had an open relationship. Zhang Guorong told tens of thousands of fans with a song "the moon represents my heart": Mr. Tang is the most loved person in my life besides my mother

In 1998, Zhang Guorong and Tang Hede visited Paris with a brilliant smile. In fact, they often travel to various countries. Zhang Guorong even arranged a birthday trip for Tang Hede

Zhang Guorong and Tang Hede often attend public occasions and friends' gatherings together, attend friends' wedding banquet together, go to love yepu together, and have a great time

Zhang Guorong often makes OK gestures in concerts to show his love. This is their love gesture.

During Zhang Guorong's funeral, Tang Hede sent a message: 'ah Zi, forever and sometimes, this love lasts forever.

Although after 16 years, Tang Hede is still alone. There is no other partner who can replace Zhang Guorong. Perhaps he will never appear