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How to choose a diamond ring? How to buy diamond rings with high cost performance?

Diamond ring is a kind of decorative jewelry worn on the hand, which can be worn by both men and women. Its main materials are metal, plastic, gem and bone. Diamond rings are generally used as a certificate of mutual love between men and women. The significance of diamond rings is to become a keepsake between couples. When buying diamond rings, we should also pay attention to the cost performance of diamond rings. So how can we buy some diamond rings with high cost performance?

1. Choice of purchase channels: as we all know, online shopping is cheaper than physical shopping. In fact, buying diamond rings is also a reason. After all, online shopping saves a lot of circulation links, thus reducing the cost of diamond rings. Of course, it should be noted that when we choose online shopping, we must choose a trusted brand or merchant, and do not blindly seek cheap and buy inferior diamond rings, That's not worth the loss.

2. The 4C of diamonds should pay attention to: the diamond ring should reflect the beauty of wearing, so there should be high requirements for the cutting of diamonds, which can make diamonds bloom bright fire color; In addition, the size of diamonds is determined according to the individual's economic level. If there are economic conditions, you can choose carat diamond rings. In addition, 30-50 diamond rings are also a good choice; Choose a diamond ring. You can relax the requirements for the color and clarity of diamonds, because these 2c are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. No one will observe the quality of your diamonds with a magnifying glass or color card every day.

3. Shop around when buying diamond rings: diamond rings of the same quality and size may be placed in different stores, and their prices will be different. Therefore, when preparing to buy rings, we must learn to shop around, and then learn more about relevant knowledge, so as to select diamond rings with preferential and high quality.

4. Choice of diamond ring holder material: Nowadays, the popular diamond ring holder material should be platinum or K gold. Pure and rare platinum is pure love. Generally, PT900, pt950 and pt990 are common. It is better to choose PT900 and pt950 platinum ring holders because they have high hardness and can fix diamonds well. K gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. It is rich in color, higher in hardness than platinum, and cheaper than platinum. It can fix diamonds well. It is also a popular diamond ring support material at present.