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Dragon Boat Festival five best tourist destinations where to play the best Dragon Boat Festival?

top5: kulangsu

In the afternoon, the sun is shining on kulangsu. Go to the alley deep in the slope, and find the original consulate full of flowers.

The most suitable thing for the island is to turn around at will, look at the old house, eat snacks with real local characteristics, and walk along the quiet path. Everything is simple and natural, without too much words and decoration.

Top 4: Chengdu

The leisurely pace of life is the name card of Chengdu, and the Sichuan restaurant, hotpot restaurant and snack bar are the culprits that make people forget to return.

Chengdu, like a soft sofa, can't help but slow down and sink into the embrace of gentle countryside.

Top 3: phoenix ancient city

The beautiful West Hunan town, with Tuojiang River, Diaojiaolou and gentle Miao girls, has now become a place for literary and art youth to encounter love.

In July or September, you can also catch up with the Miao people's large-scale song festival on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month or the autumn festival. At that time, you can feel the unique festivals of ethnic minorities.

Top 2: Tibet

Whether it is the boundless vast plateau, the clear and blue snow God lake, the continuous snow mountain and iceberg & hellip; are like a piece of Luminous Gem, attracting countless people who love exploration.

July to September is the best and warmest time in Tibet, but it has enough sunlight and strong ultraviolet rays, so we should pay attention to sun protection.

Top 1: Suzhou

It is said that there is paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom. Suzhou, a city rich in the charm of the south of the Yangtze River, has both the beauty of gardens and the victory of mountains and rivers. This is Jiangnan Water Town, Suzhou, a city that imprints gardens in its soul.

Pingjiang road historical block is located in the northeast of the ancient city of Suzhou. It is a classic Water Lane with a long history in Suzhou. In the morning, everything in Suzhou wakes up and drizzles. Walking along Pingjiang road with friends, it has an ancient meaning.