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King glory and Saint fighter united with Dharma Leo skin map to announce the new battle order award

According to the official disclosure, the Dharma Leo skin jointly launched by King glory and Saint fighter will be launched on March 29. I believe many players are very looking forward to this dharma Leo skin. Previously, only incomplete model drawings were revealed. What exactly does the complete skin map of Dharma Leo look like? This article brings you the complete picture introduction of the skin of Dharma Leo and the skin information of the new battle order reward of the king's glory S14 season for your reference. Let's have a look together with the players of the king's glory.

The skin of Dharma Leo combined by saints and Hou Yi's golden Sagittarius belong to the same type of skin. The difference is that the golden Sagittarius is aioulos, while the skin of Leo is aioulia. Golden shining armor, white cloak. In addition, aoria, one of the saint fighters, is also good at boxing. His must kill skill is lightning light speed boxing, which is very similar to Dharma. Dharma's skill is also to hit damage with his fist. It is said that after that, you will add golden wings to Dharma Leo. Are you looking forward to Dharma Leo skin?

Recently, a Zhao Yun skin has been exposed on the Internet. The model is very similar to Lv Bu's hunter king style. It may be the skin of the battle order system in S15 season. At present, many heroes in the glory of the king have ice and snow skin, such as the frost love dance music of the general Mo ye, the frozen God of war of Guan Yu, and so on. From the poster, Zhao Yun is wearing a war robe, ice like armor, a white cloak and an ice blue spear. The overall collocation is quite harmonious. If this skin is online, the way to obtain battle orders should be similar to that of the king of hunters. Do you like this skin?

The S14 season battle order system will be updated in more than a month. The rewards will be reset in the new season of S15, so the king of hunter of Lv Bu and the daytime Prince of Ying Zheng did not seize the time to advance the battle order. These two skins may become out of print after the S14 season.

In addition, many people say that the S15 season war order reward skin is Han Xin's street overlord. This is a wrong disclosure. It's just the war order system of experience service, which misleads everyone. War order reward skin must be new skin. Street overlord is old skin, so it can't be used as S15 war order reward skin.

It is revealed on the Internet that the skin of war making next season may be Nuwa's mother's. This White Deer dream ranked first in the king's glory skin design competition last year, so the White Deer dream is very likely. The above is the introduction of Dharma Leo skin launched by King glory and Saint fighter alliance, and the information of reward skin of King glory S15 season. I hope you can like it.