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Tiktok says what is the sour fish? The meaning and source of tiktok fish

Previously, lemonade was very popular on the Internet. The word lemonade was used to describe that you would like to sour others when you see the better side of others than yourself. Later, it was also used by netizens to laugh at yourself. Tiktok recently, however, many people began to say that they are 'sour fish', and what is their sour fish? What does sauerkraut fish mean? Where does this stem come from? What is the meaning tiktok of the sour fish and the source of this stem? Let's get together and understand it.

Tiktok says what is the sour fish?

Sure enough, the sound of shaking is still on the 'sour cabbage' tiktok, sour cabbage and sour fish.

To say that a person is sour means that he thinks he has read sages' books and has some ink in his stomach. If he has nothing to do, he likes to say a few words' ziyue poetry 'in front of people to show how great he is... That is to say, he is very artificial and ostentatious in speaking and doing things.

For ordinary people, it refers to its pedantry. For scholars, it often refers to its deliberate show off. For women, it often refers to its envy, jealousy and caution.

Dish is short for rookie. " "Rookie" comes from the Minnan dialect of Taiwan dialect. Food in China means that you are a novice and are not familiar with the operation. It's a neutral word and more playful, so don't mind.

So what is superfluous? Cotton padded jacket in summer and Pu fan in winter are superfluous.

Well, Xiaobian can't look directly at pickled cabbage fish! The above is the small string of the tiktok that you bring, saying that you are the meaning of the stem of sour cabbage fish, and hope that it can help the family.