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A survey of the bad habits in fruit life

there are some habits in our life, which seem to be sanitary, but actually are not sanitary. They can not guarantee our health, but are harmful to our health. Have you got any of the following wrong hygiene habits?

Food wrapped in white paper

For the sake of "white" of white paper, many factories often use bleaching agent in the production process, and after the bleaching agent contacts with food, it will cause a series of chemical reactions, produce some harmful substances, and easily cause food pollution.

Toilet paper wipe tableware fruit

According to the results of random inspection by the national quality inspection department, many kinds of toilet paper are not disinfected or not thoroughly disinfected, which contains a large number of bacteria and is easy to adhere to the wiped articles. Only the highly disinfected napkin can meet the hygienic standard.

Cover food with gauze to prevent flies

Cover the gauze on the food. Although the fly will not directly fall on the food, it will stay on the gauze and still leave the eggs with bacteria. These eggs may fall from the gauze hole and pollute the food.

Dry the pot, bowl, basin and cup with towel

The tap water used in cities of our country is strictly disinfected. The tableware and fruit washed with tap water are basically clean and need not be wiped again. However, there are many germs on the towel, which will pollute the tableware if wiped dry.