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Who is the voice of the tiktok ladies? Voice yam tiktok Zhang Yiming personal information

Shaking is really a magic thing, tiktok of all kinds of videos. Recently, tiktok was very angry. The boy was dressed as a woman. He was called a woman dress boy by many netizens. He was noticed by many people and had many fans on the tiktok. This TikTok Dress Lady is dressed up with a very charming woman, and many girls feel ashamed. This is tiktok, who is the biggest voice of the jester female. What is the article, Xiaobian, brings you a full voice and personal presentation of the tiktok female dress leader.

Is it tiktok?

It is tiktok, the actress of the tiktok, is known as Zhang Yiming, the actress in the "love laughs room". Ah Chun's now vibrato is the name of the "all male and female face".

Once the love of laughter conference room, pure in the tiktok above the popularity is not so high, since renamed the beauty of A Chun's image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

At first, ah Chun was a clear stream on the tiktok. It was originally for satire some female net red used the powerful beauty function and fire up, then gradually became a MS, men and women wear crazy switch and so on.

About questioning his career on the Internet, he also revealed that he was delivering takeout during the live broadcast, but ah Chun was actually a real actor. In a live broadcast, Zhang Yiming revealed that when he was doing the live broadcast, his income reached 180000 in just one month.

However, the reason why ah Chun is clean is that the exit in the video is plain, the same video content, and then the beauty opens to the maximum and dances in the video. However, if ah Chun doesn't have new talent after changing this style, he may be declined by the trend sooner or later.

What is the name of AI Chun in tiktok?

It is understood that a Chun's real name is Zhang Yiming.

Zhang Yiming's personal data:

Name: Zhang Yiming Name: Male

Nationality: Chinese Nationality: Han nationality

Constellation: Gemini date of birth: June 6, 1986

Height: 183cm weight: 75kg

Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing microblog nickname: a Chun height 191 / actor Zhang Yiming

Birthplace: Anshan, Liaoning graduated from the Central Academy of drama

Jitter: 36749552 brokers: tiktok culture

Tiktok: nimazhensha: a quick hand: ah Kwai: