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Does apricot eat much can get angry? Can pregnant women eat apricots?

This season is the season when apricots are on the market in large quantities. Apricot fruit has bright color, juicy pulp and sweet flavor, which occupies an important position in the fruit market. Apricot is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, which is rich in carotene and inorganic salt. So for expectant mothers in pregnancy, can they eat apricots?

You can't eat it.

Pregnant women can not eat almonds, for pregnant women, apricots have a role in slippery fetus. And apricot taste acid, the teeth of pregnant women will be damaged. Therefore, pregnant women are better off not eating.

In traditional Chinese medicine, apricot belongs to hot food. If you eat too much, it may hurt your muscles and bones, causing a recurrence of the old disease. Moreover, if the apricot is eaten too much at a time, it can also cause a fire, causing nosebleeds, eye diseases, mouth sores, and diarrhea. Pregnant women themselves are hot during pregnancy, so it's better not to eat apricots.

Eating too much apricot will hurt muscles and bones, hook hair and old diseases, and even fall off eyebrows and lose hair, affecting vision. If you give birth, pregnant women and children eat too much, you will easily get boils and boils. At the same time, due to the strong acidity of fresh apricot, it is not only easy to increase the acid in the stomach and cause stomach diseases.

Can puerpera eat apricot?

You can't eat it.

The puerpera should not eat apricot. Excessive consumption will hurt muscles and bones, affect vision, and easily cause boils and boils. Pregnant women, children, patients, especially diabetics, should not eat apricot or apricot products.