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Tiktok card video how to do the flick card tiktok music course

Tiktok tiktok is a very hot short video platform. Users can upload their own fun and knowledge in their own lives. How do we do the video card? Here is a little bit of tiktok for you to bring your voice card to music.

How to do the tiktok card video?

1. Shooting material

First of all, we should shoot appropriate long videos as materials to facilitate post editing. We can shoot a better angle when shopping, or shoot the outside scene when on the train. The longer the better, preferably a few minutes, so that there will be better results in post editing. Lift up and lift tiktok are good materials, for example, many game player is shooting this way.

2. Download software

The game player's computer tiktok is either PR or Videoleap. IOS is the IOS version of the mobile phone version. Here's a IOS example. You can download the software from App store and learn the basic operation, then you can continue to watch the video behind.

3. Import video

Open the Videoleap and import the video into 3 minutes. After importing, because the video is too long, it should be accelerated five times to ensure that it can be exported and adjust the resolution to the appropriate pixel after export.

4. Set the drum

Import audio, import the music downloaded in advance into videoolap, and then detect the drum. The wavy lines you see are the place where the drum is located. After identifying these positions with signs, you can start editing;

5. Synthetic speed regulation

According to the music drum set in advance, the position of the drum is just matched with the clips in the video to speed up, which is probably commensurate with the duration of the drum. At the beginning, it is accelerated five times, so the fast play looks very excellent at this time.

6. Save and upload

After the tiktok is cut, the finished product can be directly uploaded to the jitter, and the music is already on the shaking. It will shoot the same video to upload the local video, so long as the drum card is right, it looks tiktok.

7. Music sharing

This music is called first date, which is the movie soundtrack with the header D! You can search on Netease cloud music!