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Which brand do you choose for microwave oven? The latest top 10 brands of microwave oven

Which brand of microwave oven is good? microwave oven is one of our most commonly used household appliances. It is convenient and fast to heat food. However, there are a wide variety of microwave ovens in the market, and the prices are uneven, which makes consumers feel unable to start when purchasing. So which brand of microwave oven is good? Let's take a look at the top ten brands of Bolu. 1. Galanz Galanz

(founded in 1978, it is a well-known trademark in China, once won a Chinese famous brand, and one of the most influential leading enterprises in China's household appliance industry, Guangdong Galanz Group Co., Ltd.)

2. Midea

(China's well-known trademark, top 500 Chinese enterprises, large household appliance group, one of the world's largest microwave oven production bases, Guangdong Midea microwave Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

3. Panasonic Panasonic

(in 1918, Japan, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, a world brand, a large multinational company, one of the world's largest electronic manufacturers, Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd.)

4. Sanyo SANYO

(top ten brands of microwave ovens, the former Rongshida Group and Sanyo Electric set up to mainly produce washing machines / microwave ovens, and Hefei Rongshida Sanyo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)

5. Haier Haier

(China's well-known trademark, world-class household appliance brand, China's top 500 enterprises, the world's first brand of white appliances, one of China's most valuable brands, Haier Group)

6. LG Electronics

(top 500 in the world, South Korea in 1947, world brand, international enterprise group leading the world's industrial development, the third largest company in South Korea, LG (China) Co., Ltd.)

7. Whirlpool

(whirlpool (China) Investment Co., Ltd., a global leading brand of household appliances, one of the top ten brands of microwave ovens, and a manufacturer focusing on a full range of large household appliances)

8. Fotile

(Ningbo Fangtai kitchenware Co., Ltd., a well-known trademark in China, a famous brand in China, a leading brand in the high-end kitchen appliance industry, and one of the 500 most valuable brands in China)

9. Siemens

(founded in Germany in 1847, Bosch home appliances (China) Co., Ltd., a famous foreign home appliance brand, is responsible for the production of Siemens home appliance business in China)

10. Power

(well known trademark in China, famous trademark in Guangdong Province, highly competitive brand in home appliance industry, high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, Zhongshan Dongling Weili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)