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Can pregnant women stick plaster? How can pregnant women relieve their low back pain

Most people have the problem of low back pain, but sometimes pregnant mothers will have the same problem, so the best way is to calm down and rest, can you use plaster? How does pregnant woman lumbago alleviate? Let's have a look!

Can pregnant women apply plaster

Plaster is not recommended. Many people know that plaster contains a lot of irritating ingredients, which will have a great impact on the health of pregnant mothers. Expectant mothers try not to use plasters during pregnancy, because most plasters contain stimulating ingredients such as borneol and musk. It's bad for pregnancy. If plaster must be used, it should be used under the guidance of a doctor, and the category applicable to pregnant women should be selected.

For most people, plaster is a common thing for low back pain. But it is not suitable for pregnant mothers. There will be Chinese herbal medicine stimulation. Long term sticking will cause lead poisoning in human body, and pregnant women can cause fetal malformation. If the pregnant mother is not in great need, it is best not to stick ointment or apply some ointment casually.

How does pregnant woman lumbago alleviate

In fact, do not use some ointment for low back pain. The best way is to use massage to relieve it. Exercise properly to help the body expel toxins and move the joints. Pregnant mothers mainly rest in the first three months. If pregnant mothers stay in bed or sit for a long time, they will lead to muscle stiffness and decline in physical quality. When entering the safe period of pregnancy, you should ensure an appropriate amount of exercise. The suggestion is to take a walk every day.

In addition to massage, hot compress is a good way to help the body detoxify and relieve pain. Massage can promote blood circulation and effectively relieve waist pain. Hot compress can also be carried out, but it should be noted that the temperature should not be too high and the hot compress time should not be too long.