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How to remove oil stains on down jacket summary of cleaning and maintenance tips for down jacket

How to remove oil stains on down jacket summary of cleaning and maintenance tips for down jacket now most down jackets are marked that they can only be washed by hand. It has become a trouble to wash down jackets in cold weather. Sometimes they can't be cleaned in case of oil stains. How to clean down jackets with oil stains in winter? Let's take a look at the down jacket cleaning and maintenance tips.

First, in the first step, we squeeze a section of toothpaste where there is oil stain on the down jacket. Although the toothpaste is usually used to brush teeth, it also has a strong wonderful function in removing oil stain. In addition, it can also have a good adsorption effect, which can dissolve and adsorb the oil stain on the clothes.

The second step is to squeeze some detergent in places with oil stains. The amount is about the same as that of toothpaste. Detergent plays a very strong role in removing oil stains. Although toothpaste can also remove oil stains, it is not as fast and clean as detergent. Therefore, detergent should be poured into clothes.

The third step is to mix the detergent and toothpaste evenly and wipe them where there is oil stain. Be sure to mix the detergent and toothpaste evenly, so as to make better use of their functions and clean up the oil stain more quickly.

The fourth step is to knead carefully for one minute. Use your hand to knead carefully where there is oil stain to accelerate the decomposition of oil stain and their decontamination. After kneading for one minute and cleaning with clean water, you will find that the oil stain has been removed.

How to wash down jacket?

Washing method:

1. Warm water, similar to the temperature of your hand. Don't be too hot. Put an appropriate amount of washing powder in the water.

2. Wash after soaking for 10 minutes. Note: don't rub clothes with your hands. You must wash dirty places with a soft brush or an unused toothbrush. Brush the key parts and less dirty places.

3. After brushing, don't twist the twist to squeeze the water. Just keep it down, and then go through it with clean water.

4. When cleaning for the second time, drop a few drops of edible vinegar into the water (similar to the usual amount of fried vegetables). Soak the down jacket in it for 5-10 minutes and rub it gently.

5. When drying, pay attention to hanging and drying. And don't put it in the sun. Just put it in a ventilated place.

6. After the clothes are dried, take them off and put them on the bed. Pat the clothes with a large clothes hanger everywhere. The clothes will naturally become fluffy.

Routine maintenance:

1. Air dry naturally. The main component of the down jacket is protein. If it is dried in the dry cleaner, the down is easy to become brittle and broken. It is the so-called running hair. And it's all on your underwear. If you wear it again, it's not as warm as before.

2. For daily storage, please try to choose a dry and cool environment, and make sure that the down jacket is clean.

3. Some brands of down clothing will give compression bags with clothes, but it is recommended to use them only for temporary use. Long term compression will make down or thermal insulation layer lose elasticity, thus reducing thermal insulation performance.

4. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to tidy the down jacket once a time, let it stretch completely and air dry.