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What are the misunderstandings of feeding baby milk powder? Bao's father and mother must see the kno

Now most babies are fed alternately with breast milk and milk powder. There are also many nutrients needed by babies in milk powder. The healthy growth of babies does not only need simple breast-feeding. But feeding baby and milk powder is also a technical job. There are many misunderstandings in my baby's life that many people don't notice. So what are the misunderstandings of feeding baby and milk powder? The editor of this article will tell you about the Four Misunderstandings of feeding baby milk powder. Let's take a look. Don't make these mistakes again to prevent endangering baby's health.

1. Drink endless milk next time

Sometimes I soak too much milk for the baby at one time, or the baby doesn't eat after eating a few mouthfuls. It's a pity that the remaining milk always falls down, so I put the remaining milk into the milk warmer and keep it for the baby to drink next time.

However, this approach is wrong. Milk powder is a food with high nutritional value, which is very easy to breed bacteria. You can only drink it for 2 hours at room temperature, so you'd better pour it out directly or drink it yourself!

It is recommended that mothers can prepare a constant temperature kettle, control the water at about 40 ℃, and then put a certain amount of milk powder into a small box, so that when the baby is hungry at night, it can quickly soak the milk.

2. Change milk powder frequently

Don't believe it, nearly 60% of mothers will change milk powder frequently for their baby, because when adding milk powder to their baby, it can't be in place in one step. More or less, there will be some gastrointestinal intolerance problems, such as reflux, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea and so on, so mothers have to change milk powder frequently.

In fact, it is very unreliable to choose milk powder suitable for your baby by constantly trying. Xiaobian suggests that if you want to change milk powder, you'd better consult professionals first!

3. Add sugar or juice to milk powder

If the baby doesn't drink milk powder, many parents will add some juice or sugar to the milk to adjust the taste and make the baby drink more.

In fact, this approach is not correct!

First of all, babies under the age of one should not drink fruit juice, because in the process of turning fruit into fruit juice, the nutritional elements in it will be destroyed and the sugar content will be concentrated. In this way, the fruit juice is equivalent to a glass of sugar water. If you often drink it to your baby, it will affect your baby's taste, cause dental caries, baby obesity and other problems.

Also, if you add sugar directly, it shouldn't be.

4. Add medicine to milk

When the baby is sick, not drinking medicine is a headache. Therefore, in order to make the baby drink medicine smoothly, some parents will put the medicine into the milk and feed it to the baby together. In this way, the baby not only drinks the milk, but also eats the medicine smoothly. It must be much easier to fill the medicine.

In fact, what Xiaobian wants to tell parents is that such behavior has greater hidden dangers. Because milk will reduce the absorption rate of drugs, especially antibiotics.

Not only that, the calcium in milk may also have a chemical reaction with some components in the drug, which not only reduces the efficacy, but also may cause harm to the body!

Therefore, medicine and milk must not be mixed at one time. Even if they are eaten separately, they should be separated by more than 30 minutes!