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What's the meaning of new year's Eve dinner? What's the stress of new year's Eve dinner

The new year's Eve dinner is a very important meal for the Chinese people and a symbol of reunion. What's good for the new year's Eve dinner? What's special about eating New Year's Eve dinner? Let's have a look!

What's the meaning of new year's Eve dinner

Dumplings: Attracting Wealth

Dumplings are the standard food for the Chinese New Year. The shape of dumplings is like Yuanbao, but many people like to eat dumplings. Another thing is that they are nutritious and have a lot of fillings. In traditional folk customs, eating 'dumplings' on New Year's Eve is an important feast that can't be replaced by any delicacies. " Jiaozi, also known as jiaozi, means the alternation of the old and the new. It is also a feast that must be eaten according to the meaning of God.

Fish: more than every year

Fish is the standard configuration for the new year. Many people like to eat fish. Braised fish is a common practice, and the taste is accepted by many people, which is also a good moral. Because there is a traditional Chinese saying that there are more than fish every year, fish is an essential dish for new year's Eve dinner. Eating carp on New Year's Eve is homonymous with 'ceremony', and eating carp for the new year is auspicious.

Pork: good luck

Pork is the most common meat, pork nutrition is also a lot, whether it is fried or directly choose stew, choose to eat pork or very good, nutrition is very much. Pork represents a good year, so pork must be equipped everywhere during the new year. Of course, ribs are generally used for health.

Shrimp: happy

Shrimp with seafood is what many people like to eat. It has a lot of protein and won't get fat. Guangzhou people like to eat seafood. Shrimp will be an auspicious dish in the new year,

Lettuce: make money

Lettuce is rich in nutrition. It is mainly an essential food for the new year. It also has a good meaning and is more festive. Lettuce is homonymous with 'making money' and is an essential vegetable for the Chinese New Year. A handful of golden fried Sanzi on it is' gold bars make money '.

Rice cake: high every year

New Year cake is a kind of glutinous rice food. It is suitable for people who like soft glutinous food. It tastes very good and has a festive meaning. To prepare New Year cakes for the new year is to express joy. Because of the homonym 'niangao' and the variety of tastes, New Year cake has almost become a necessary food for every family.