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When does Alipay flower card open the lottery? What do you know about winning the lottery?

Alipay flower card is a newly launched fuka in the 2019 set of five blessing activities. It uses AR to sweep the blessing word, blessing forest water, answer the planet answer, and the ant manor can get the flower card randomly. What time does the Alipay flower card start? Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian.

What time does Alipay flower card start?

The prize time of Huahua card is 21:20, February 4, 2019.

How does Huahua know if she won the prize?

With a flower card, you have the opportunity to draw the blow of 'help you spend all year', with a maximum of 48888 yuan and 2019 awards.

If the number of the flower card held by the user is exactly the same as the winning number, you can get the 'return the flower for you all year round' award. After the lottery, the page display shall prevail, or you can query in the winning list on the page.

Flower cards can also be donated. Flower cards with many friends can be presented to you.