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What effect does mint leaf have? Edible taboos of mint leaves

Peppermint leaf is the leaf of plant peppermint. It tastes cool. It mainly contains peppermint oil, menthol, menthol, menthol, rosmarinic acid and so on. In life, many people like the cool feeling brought by mint leaves, so people often use mint leaves to soak in water. Mint leaves have medicinal value, so they are not suitable for everyone. There are also many precautions and taboos when eating mint leaves. Let's talk about the efficacy and taboos of mint leaves. Those who like mint leaves must have a look. Don't eat mint leaves at will.

Efficacy and function of mint leaves

1. A small amount of mint can excite the central nervous system, promote blood circulation and sweat gland secretion, expand the surrounding capillaries and dissipate heat. It can be used to relieve summer heat and fever. Therefore, peppermint has the effect of reducing body temperature.

2. Peppermint contains menthol and other factors, which will cool people's skin, so it can reduce inflammation and pain, relieve itching and detoxification and evacuate wind heat.

3. Peppermint into tea can strengthen the stomach, expel wind, expectorant, cholagogic, anti spasm, improve symptoms such as fever, sore throat, swelling and pain, skin itching, abdominal flatulence, diarrhea, dyspepsia and constipation,

4. It can relieve headache, promote metabolism and treat inflammatory symptoms of respiratory tract;

5. Lower blood pressure and nourish the heart.

6. Its cool fragrance can also calm the tense mood, make the body and mind happy and help sleep.

7. Often eat the food made of mint leaves, which has a good protective effect on the gallbladder and liver, and can be used to treat gastric ulcer.

8. Mint leaves also contain anti-inflammatory agents, which have a miraculous effect on burns. They not only make people less hot and uncomfortable, but also prevent the spread of inflammation.

9. Contemporary scientists have studied a large number of drugs and found that mint leaves can prevent the growth of blood vessels in cancer lesions, so that cancer tumors can not get blood supply, and finally die of 'hunger'.

Food taboo

Peppermint is cool, so we should pay attention to some taboos when eating it. It is better to eat less for people who are not suitable.

1. Pregnant women should not eat too much, and because Mint has the effect of restraining milk excretion, lactating women should not use more.

2. Patients with cough due to lung deficiency, fever due to yin deficiency, sweating and vertigo due to blood deficiency should also be used with caution.

3. Peppermint has the effect of refreshing the brain, so it is not suitable to drink too much.