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Can provident fund loan decoration? Conditions for using provident fund

Now most of the company's regular employees can enjoy the benefits of five insurances and one fund. One of the five insurances and one fund refers to the housing provident fund. It is a common practice to use housing provident fund loan to buy a house. However, many people think that the housing provident fund can only be used to buy a house with a loan. In fact, the role of the housing provident fund is not limited to this. So what else can housing provident fund do? Can housing accumulation fund loan decoration? This article will tell you about whether the housing provident fund can buy a house with a loan and the use conditions of the housing provident fund.

1、 Can provident fund loan decoration

The provident fund can be used for loan decoration. The provident fund used for decoration must meet the following conditions:

1. Generally, the area of the house for decoration is more than 70 m2, and the age of the house is within 15 years. If the above contents are not up to standard, the handling cost will rise.

2. At present, the standard for handling provident fund decoration loans is generally 1000 yuan / m2, which may be relaxed to 2000 yuan / m2 in the future. However, once 2000 yuan / m2 is opened, the handling cost will also be relatively increased;

3. If the provident fund decoration loan is not paid off, you can't apply for a new provident fund housing loan. Owners with house purchase demand in the short term should not make provident fund decoration loan easily;

4. The repayment of the first two months of the provident fund decoration loan requires cash to be deposited in the repayment account before it can be offset with the provident fund. After obtaining the loan, do not take all the amount in the account, leaving a repayment limit of at least two months, so as not to cause repayment default.

2、 Conditions for use of provident fund

(1) Only employees who participate in the provident fund system are eligible to apply for provident fund loans;

(2) If one spouse applies for a provident fund loan, both spouses can no longer obtain a provident fund loan before they have paid off the principal and interest of the loan. After settlement, they can carry out a secondary housing loan. Because the provident fund loan is the financial support provided to meet the basic housing needs of employees' families, and it is a kind of housing security financial support;

(3) When applying for housing provident fund loan, the loan applicant must not only have relatively stable economic income and the ability to repay the loan, but also have no other outstanding debts that may affect the repayment ability of housing provident fund loan;

(4) The purpose of the loan must be earmarked for special purpose: the purpose of the provident fund loan is limited to the purchase of self occupied houses with ownership, and the houses purchased shall meet the architectural design standards specified by the municipal provident fund management center. Therefore, when purchasing houses for profit, provident fund loans cannot be used.

The above is about whether the provident fund can be used for decoration loans and the conditions for the use of provident fund, including new house loans, second-hand house loans, self built housing loans, housing decoration loans, commercial housing loans to provident fund loans, etc. It should be noted that whether all provident fund centers provide the above types of loans, please consult the local provident fund management organization first.