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Why pickle Laba garlic on Laba Festival? What is the meaning of eating Laba garlic on Laba Festival?

Laba Festival is a very important traditional festival before the Chinese New Year. On this day, in addition to the traditional eating custom of eating Laba porridge, Laba Festival also has many traditional delicacies, such as jadeite Laba garlic. Why pickle Laba garlic on Laba Festival? What is the meaning of pickled Laba garlic on Laba Festival? This article brings you the meaning of pickled Laba garlic on Laba Festival and the introduction of traditional food on Laba Festival.

Why is Laba Festival pickled with Laba garlic? The moral of Laba Festival pickled with Laba garlic

Laba garlic

Pickled Laba garlic is a very important custom in North China, and Laba garlic has simple materials and easy practice, so it is deeply loved by the people. Before Laba, people first bought a few kilograms of good vinegar, and then selected twenty or thirty garlic with purple skin, large petals and no buds. On the evening of the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, they peeled the garlic, washed it with clean water, and put it on a plate to dry for use. Laba early in the morning, you can put the dried garlic cloves into a clean container with good vinegar to seal. Generally, two or three Liang garlic can be added to one kilogram of vinegar, depending on everyone's taste. If you like spicy, you can put more garlic, if you like sour, you can put more vinegar, and you can also add a small amount of brown sugar. Then put it in a place with low temperature but no ice. Ten days or so, the garlic in the bottle has changed its new face - a green jade dress has been worn on the body. The previously stunned garlic seems to have become a dancer, stretching its beautiful dance in vinegar. When the new year's Eve comes, plates of hot dumplings are served to the table. At this time, the pickled Laba garlic is opened. There is a new green in the bottle. The garlic flavor and vinegar flavor are integrated with each other. You have me and I have you. The fragrance is refreshing. With the strong annual flavor and the fragrant dumplings, the fragrance is sour, slightly spicy and sweet, At this time, you will feel that it is better to be an immortal than an immortal.

During the Chinese new year, people generally pay more attention to the consumption of meat food. In addition, there are few vegetables in winter. Eating garlic appropriately has obvious effects on blood circulation, improving gastrointestinal absorption, eliminating physical fatigue, enhancing physique and preventing colorectal cancer. White garlic is spicy. People usually don't eat it directly, but the pickled Laba garlic is not so spicy. In addition, it has the smell of vinegar, so people will like to eat it.

Laba garlic has a deeper meaning. " Laba porridge, Laba garlic, messenger who pays bills, and repayment of debts'. At the end of the new year, businesses start to calculate big accounts, and each family also starts to calculate their own small accounts. They know how much they owe others and how much others owe themselves. But people are too embarrassed to ask for debt directly because of their friendship. At this time, they take the cured Laba garlic and give it to each other. Without saying anything, they understand what it means. Laba garlic became 'Laba calculation' again at this time. What a smart people!

Laba Festival food

Pickled cabbage

It's Salted cabbage. It can be eaten from October to December. On Laba day, when Laba porridge is cooked, in addition to being eaten by the whole family, neighbors must give it to each other. Anyone who sends porridge must take pickled cabbage as dish and send it together. Pickled cabbage is from the north, while snow swallow and pickled vegetables are sent from the south. People also attach great importance to the quality of pickles, because people believe that the beauty of pickles can predict the rise and fall of their families.

Laba cake

While eating Laba porridge, I also eat cakes. Because porridge is easy to digest and not full, eating with cake not only makes you full, but also increases interest.

Laba cake is generally a home-made sugar cake. People who pay more attention to it go to the cake shop to buy all kinds of sweet and salty cakes. These small cakes are made very finely, the packaging is also very fine, and there is auspicious meaning, such as Ruyi cake, Yudai crisp, Panxiang cake, etc.

Eat Laba dishes

In Laba, people not only make Laba garlic, but also Laba dishes. Remove the head of the cabbage, cut it into one and a half inch segments, wash it with clean water and drizzle it. Take a washed small jar, put the drenched cabbage in the jar, put raw garlic on it, remove some white sugar, code one layer, and then the second layer of French code, until the code reaches the mouth of the jar, and then pour vinegar, which is the same as the dish. Seal the cylinder port and do not open it halfway. Keep it at room temperature until new year's Eve. The Laba dishes are white and green, crisp and refreshing, sour, sweet and slightly spicy.

Eat Laba noodles

There is a custom of eating Laba noodles on Laba Festival in Guanzhong, Shaanxi Province. Laba noodles are made of eight kinds of vegetables and poured with chili oil. One is to take the homonym of "spicy" and "wax", and the other is to drive away the cold.