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How to shoot 960 frames of Samsung S9 / S9 + slow motion video

How to shoot 960 frames of Samsung S9 / S9 + slow motion video Samsung S9 is Samsung's flagship model last year. Its main function is photography and slow motion video. Samsung officially claims that it can shoot 960 frames of video per second. What is the concept of 960 frames and how to shoot Samsung slow motion video? Now let's make it up for everyone to popularize science.

The first is the definition of FPS, which refers to the number of frames transmitted per second of an image or video picture. Generally speaking, it can be understood as the 'refresh rate' we often say. The higher the number, the more consistent the motion picture looks. For example, when we play the glory of the king, after turning on the 'high frame mode' to reach 60fps, we can obviously feel that the picture is much smoother than the 30fps of the default mode. Only 960 frames of video can only be taken for 0.2 seconds.

Then, when the number of frames of a video is as high as 960fps, it has gone beyond the field of 'smooth', and can be fully displayed only with slow motion video. This technology is widely used in professional film and television fields. For example, when we watch racing cars, high-speed racing cars roar past, and we can't even see the models clearly; The application of high frame number of slow motion shooting can completely see the whole process of the car itself through the audience, not just a shadow.

There is no doubt that slow motion photography with high frame number has higher requirements for hardware. In recent years, with the progress of mobile phone technology, many professional photography technologies have been transplanted to mobile devices. The first mobile phone to play slow motion photography was not Samsung but apple. In 2014, apple brought slow motion photography to the mobile phone for the first time, from the initial 120fps to the subsequent 240fps. In 2017, the XZ premium mobile phone launched by Sony Dafa supported 960fps slow motion photography. Therefore, the slow motion photography on Samsung S9 is not a new black technology, and can be regarded as a functional complement.

Mobile phone love Kwai tiktok not only enriches the shooting and playing but also simplifies professional post processing for users who like to share their works in the video platform such as jitter, fast hand, watermelon and so on. 960fps Whether Samsung or Sony, the mobile phone comes with slow motion video editing software, which can produce satisfactory slow motion video with simple operation. It is reported that players abroad have been studying shooting bullets with mobile phones.

Unfortunately, the time of slow motion segment in 960fps slow motion photography of mobile phone is too short, and the slow motion video can only be taken for 2 seconds. Taking Sony XZ premium as an example, the slow motion is basically only a few seconds, which tests the ability to control the moment when shooting. In addition, slow motion video takes up a lot of storage space. It is not the emperor version of 256g. The memory card must be added.