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Why can't the air conditioner make heat? Causes of air conditioning heating damage

Both the refrigeration function and heating function of air conditioning have improved the comfort of family life. Therefore, air conditioning has become an essential household appliance in family life. Although there are many large brands of air conditioners on the market for public consumers to choose from, it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no problems with any brand of air conditioners. In particular, the heating effect of air conditioners must be much worse, which can be found by most people who often use air conditioners, And in the process of using air conditioning to heat in winter, many people will also encounter the situation that air conditioning does not heat. The small editor of this article will tell you the reasons why air conditioning does not heat.

The heating system of the air conditioner is broken - the selection of the number of pieces

Many people may not understand the number of pieces. When there is a problem with the air conditioner, they always think that the quality problem of the air conditioner itself is due to the incorrect number of pieces purchased by the user as far as possible. For example, the actual area of the house is 40 square meters, but the user does buy 1 horse of air conditioner. Imagine when it will be blown to raise the temperature? Therefore, the proper number of air conditioners can make the air conditioner work.

The heating system of the air conditioner is broken - there is an internal problem with the air conditioner

If the internal components of the air conditioner fail, such as the indoor fan or compressor, the air conditioner will not heat. Then at this time, you need to call the after-sales service hotline of the air conditioner to understand the specific maintenance matters. Don't deal with it yourself. This may cause more damage to the air conditioner.

The heating system of the air conditioner is broken - there is a problem with the water pipe of the air conditioner

When the construction personnel install wall mounted or three-dimensional air conditioners, there will be a transmission pipeline leading to the outdoor unit, which is also very important. If the inner wall of the pipe is blocked or frosted, the flow will be particularly small when conveying hot air. Users almost feel that there is hot air, so they will think that the heating effect of the air conditioner is not good.

The heating system of the air conditioner is broken - internal dust problem

During the daily use of the air conditioner, the filter screen in the air filter will absorb the dust in the air. If too much dust is accumulated and not cleaned, the air will not circulate, resulting in the reduction of the air volume at the air outlet and insufficient heating. This situation does not mean that the air conditioner has a fault problem. Users only need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the air conditioner and clean the filter screen regularly.

Air conditioning does not make heat, so that people will not have a good winter, so many people want to solve this situation as soon as possible, but the solution always makes people make mistakes, resulting in more and more serious air conditioning. Through the above introduction, I believe many people have a certain understanding of the reasons why the air conditioner does not heat. In terms of maintenance, Xiaobian suggests that it should be based on the reasons. Don't repair it blindly. In this way, the air conditioner itself may not only cause more serious damage, but also hurt yourself. Therefore, we must invite professionals to repair it.