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How do Alipay businesses open up detailed procedures for collecting cash receipts from merchants?

How does Alipay's payroll code open? Alipay has become an essential way of payment in our life, and more and more businesses have opened up the collection service. For some businesses, opening up flowers and collecting money is a convenient way to collect money. So how does Alipay open flowers and collect money? Let's have a look.

Alipay merchants open flower collection tutorial:

First of all, businesses need to first open Alipay merchants to collect money code and become Alipay business users.

Open Alipay, click on the money, you will see our personal money code, under the personal pay code, there are businesses to collect money, click on [application for money code], in general, he will send you a letter from Alipay merchants to collect money code in 5/6 days, do not need to bear the corresponding postage, so there is the need for individual users to receive money can also be used.

After opening, click the merchant service, and you can choose to collect money from the flower and credit card. You can directly throw the Anji flower collection switch icon to make it green. After opening, you only add a payment method for customers, and there is no other special payment, but you need to bear the corresponding service fee to use the flower payment method, The specific charging rules are shown below.

matters needing attention:

When customers pay with Huabai or credit card, a service fee of 0.8% of the amount of each order will be charged. During the event, the event display will prevail, and other payment methods will be free of service fee. Users who have just opened enjoy a free quota of 1000. After that, they will get a service fee free quota of 30 * coefficient yuan for every full customer (the order amount is required to be & Ge; 3 yuan, and the same user is only recorded once). If they are worried that the quota is not enough, they can try to choose other methods when paying, or promote flower chanting methods in small amount transactions.

Do not participate in or assist in cash out of Huabai. Once found, turn off the money collection function of Huabai immediately. Huabai cash out is an illegal act. Participating in cash out will face the risk of accountability for breach of contract and criminal crime.