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How about glory V20? Performance highlights of joint cooperation with international tide brands to s

In recent years, the strength of domestic brands has been more and more recognized by everyone. The domestic brand Huawei is particularly prominent. The growing and strong rise of Huawei has not only won the trust and support of Chinese people, but also entered the international market. Its overseas sales and reputation are also highly praised. As an emerging technology in China, Huawei has gradually made a world in the world. Recently, the long-awaited glory V20 has finally been released. It can be said that the glory performance in 2018 is very bright, and scary technologies emerge in endlessly. As the last product of glory in 2018, can glory V20 make an amazing debut at the end of the year? This article will give you a detailed explanation of the performance of V20.

First of all, full performance score! The new generation AI chip Kirin 980 and 7Nm process technology are adopted to greatly improve its performance. The top-level configuration has reached the highest level in the market in terms of performance. In terms of endurance, it adopts 4000mAh large battery, supports 22.5w fast charging technology, and has no charging trouble.

In terms of photography, glory V20 has a 48 million pixel camera, AI ultra clear algorithm and TOF stereo depth lens with three-dimensional space perception. The details are still so clear after zooming in! With this parameter alone, glory V20 can be invincible all over the world.

There is no doubt that the performance of glory V20 is very powerful. However, for the Xiaobian of Yan control, its high appearance value -- the ultimate scientific and technological aesthetics is the reason to buy!

In recent years, the concept of comprehensive screen is very popular. Basically all mobile phones say they are comprehensive screens, but in fact, there are no mobile phones that can really achieve 100% of the front screen of mobile phones, whether it is water drop screen, bangs screen or pearl screen. It only improves the screen proportion, which is far from the extreme.

This time, the glory V20 provides the third generation of comprehensive screen solution, creating a 6.4-inch charm eye full view screen. It adopts the off screen camera design to hide the front 25 million pixels in the ultra-small aperture of only 4.5mm under the screen, which is fully integrated with the screen, making you completely immersed in the full view of the mobile phone.

In fact, there have been attempts in the industry to punch holes in the screen, but the charming eye full screen aperture of glory V20 is smaller and more beautiful, and the general through holes need to be mechanically hollowed out, while glory V20 is not hollowed out and has stronger reliability.

Compared with bangs and the like, Meiyan full screen is obviously closer to the technology of full screen. The off screen camera is located on the left side of the signal bar in the upper left corner of the screen, perfectly avoiding the core area of the screen display. When the screen is stopped, the front is a simple and pure screen. It's the ultimate comprehensive screen! Glory V20 is estimated to be the best full screen mobile phone to experience at present.

However, do you think the high beauty of glory V20 is only reflected in the full screen? Its fuselage is also full of highlights!

Glory V20 has two versions: ordinary version and exclusive version. The ordinary version has three colors: Enchanting sea blue, enchanting Lihong and magic night darkness. The exclusive version has two colors: phantom blue and phantom red. So many choices are really the gospel of color controllers. In terms of fuselage materials, all of them are made of 2.5D + 3D hyperboloid glass, with ice penetration texture. The overall uni arc stopping design is adopted, and the feel is really good.

The back of the fuselage is also full of articles. It can be seen that the V-shaped light and shadow design on the back of glory V20 has great visual impact, and the reflected light can flow. Is it cool? In fact, the designer refers to the statue of the goddess of victory representing higher, faster and stronger Samoa Thrace in Greek mythology. The V-shape represents that pair of wings. Is it really sacred?

What makes you more excited is that honor has cooperated with the international fashion brand MOSCHINO!

MOSCHINO (MOSCHINO), I believe many people in the fashion industry know that the famous Italian luxury brand on the international fashion stage, with its fashion humor, noble and playful temperament, is also very rare in the international fashion industry. It fits in with the glory of youth, fashion and trend concept, making the glory V20 glow with new fashion vitality.

It can be seen in the exclusive edition of glory V20 that the designer name MOSCHINO in bold capital, the cool and lovely teddy bear and the double question mark represent the classic symbols of MOSCHINO brand appear on the screen. Honor and MOSCHINO jointly designed these two exclusive wallpapers for the exclusive edition, which are eye-catching and classic, revealing the fashion sense of height, Glory V20 exudes the ultimate science and technology fashion everywhere.

On December 28, glory V20 will be launched on major platforms. The versions include 6 + 128G, 8 + 128G and 8 + 256g. The price starts from 2999 yuan, which sounds very cost-effective. Glory 2018 is the last flagship aircraft. Will you buy it?