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2018 Japan Universal Studios Christmas activities 2018 Christmas globe carnival night in Japan

What activities does Christmas Universal City hold in Japan? 2018, Universal Studios in Japan will play a little trick together with Xiaobian.

The world's first Christmas show

The performance show that won the world laurel * 1 will bloom with the world's first shining Christmas tree * 2!

Scattered light and color, beautiful song and dance, tell the story of love that warms people's hearts.

At the end, the climax will inject life into the Christmas tree with a jump of lights.

Only now can we meet the shock and moving, right here.

'the miracle of an angel II ~ the song of an angel ~ 'won the' outstanding achievement award 'issued by the live performance Department of the 20th themed Entertainment Award hosted by the themed Entertainment Association (tea, headquarters: Burbank, California, United States), which is subordinate to active global creators and producers in 2014.

Remind everyone to book tickets on the official website in advance.


Follow the map and don't get lost.

The first Christmas in the history of little yellow paradise

Cute, funny, super excited. Welcome to participate in the naughty farce! The projection of telepresence images on the world's largest dome screen is like throwing yourself into a naughty and farce world! New and exciting seating facilities!

Harry Potter's magical world & Trade; Winter of

The magic world wrapped in silver. Heartbeat for the Magic Christmas tree and drink a warm cream Beer & Trade; Warm in my heart & hellip& hellip;

Winter is coming, which is a season when magic is more attractive.

In such a special season, the most powerful magic in the world was finally lifted! Hogwarts & Trade; castle. With all this as a grand stage,

The beautiful Christmas scenes in the magic world reappear one after another. No matter who it is, they will immediately enter the situation of that story! The super spectacular Christmas magic will make you a prisoner of the world!

Venue: Hogwarts & Trade; castle

Time: from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes to 60 minutes before the cinema closes (at any time)


The street landscape turns into Chicago with skyscrapers, bringing you into the 'Transformers' world with enthusiastic fans all over the world. Deeply shocked in the face of the destructive power of the drilling beast swallowing the skyscrapers, and witnessing the battle between Bumblebee and Megatron! A larger truck transformed into Optimus Prime and held his breath!

Up to 8 meters above, the incredible scale of the battle is super exciting!

Jurassic World

When you are in the lush tropical rain forest, suddenly, you will be thrown into the 'Jurassic world' inhabited by dinosaurs!

Deafening alarm sound, flashing indicator light & hellip& hellip; In the sense of imminent tension, be careful of the Raptor that escaped from the cage!

Approaching from behind is the huge meat eating dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex, which makes a deafening roar, fighting madly and extremely violent! You will be caught in a hair trigger, there is no escape in the extreme urgency!

Universal Studios in Japan is located in this flower district of Osaka. It is one of the 4 theme parks of Universal Studios in the world.

There are not only thrilling amusement facilities, but also cartoon paradise that makes your girlish heart overflow. Cartoon characters such as little yellow man, Kitty and Snoopy must satisfy all your fantasies.

Walking into Hogwarts castle and looking at the characters on the murals and candles floating in the air, every detail is telling the real magic world, which is a great attraction for fans.

In addition to restoring the scenes in Hollywood blockbusters, it also has many project experiences and performances, making you feel like you are in it. Why don't you act quickly