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What are the advantages of girls with small breasts? 8 advantages make girls with small breasts no l

What are the advantages of girls with small breasts? 8 advantages make girls with small breasts no longer feel inferior many girls feel inferior because their breasts are flat. Although big breasts have an advantage in aesthetics and are more attractive to men, in fact, small breasts also have many advantages. Come and see these advantages and don't feel inferior any more.

What are the advantages of small breasts for girls

1. Smaller breasts and greater sexual interest

According to a study at the University of Vienna, women with large breasts have 24% less sexual sensitivity than women with small breasts, because they have less adipose tissue and more sensitive nerve endings, which makes your 'foreplay' fun.

2. Small breasts make you look younger

Girls are full of youth because their breasts are not fully developed. Small breasted women have full advantages in taking the youth fashion temperament route!

3. You can wear more revealing clothes

It's easy for women with big breasts to wear clothes with exposed skin & lsquo; Porn & rsquo;, The small chest will produce a cool look and will not be 'baptized' by obscene eyes. Summer is the world of small breasted women!

4. Middle class men love you more

Psychology Today magazine conducted a survey on men of different socio-economic classes and asked which size of chest was the most attractive to them. It was found that men in the low-income class preferred women with large breasts. The researchers believe that the reason is that large breasts mean 'sufficient fat reserves, that is, good resources', so they attract men with insufficient funds.

5. Straight men with cancer won't harass you

According to a study by the University of Westminster in the UK, the degree of gender discrimination (straight male cancer) in men is directly related to the size of breasts. Men who like big breasts also like 'docile and cowardly' women. (this article is edited WYH exclusively by If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source.

6. Your posture is more beautiful

Large breasted women are prone to back pain due to the 'gravity' in front of the chest. The weight of D cup breast is up to 6kg to 10kg! Subtle changes in posture will cause neck tension and even headache. Therefore, regardless of the size of the chest, it is king to develop a correct sitting and standing posture!

7. You have a lot of room to choose underwear

Small breasts wear all kinds of underwear without obstacles, and most underwear have small sizes without large sizes.

8. Don't worry about sagging breasts

There is no 'drooping' space for small breasts. In addition, a recent French study found that wearing bras will speed up the process of chest drooping, because the oppressive fabrics organize the growth of chest muscles and can not support the chest. Therefore, in order to make the chest more fit, exercise more chest muscles!