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Live address of alphago video of koji battle Kejie and alphago set off another man-machine century war. Although Kejie is the most expensive player in the world of go, alphago's strength is obvious to all. Last year, he swept the world of go and beat the world's go expert Li Shishi. He became famous in the first World War. Relying on a powerful think tank of artificial intelligence, he swept around the invincible players in the chess world. Although the industry is not optimistic about Kejie's competition, it does not mean that Kejie Jie doesn't have a chance to reverse at all. What's the result of Ko Jie's battle with alphago? Where can I watch the video? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

On the afternoon of May 23, it was reported that the first match between Ke Jie and alphago, Google's artificial intelligence, had just ended, and alphago won the first victory with a quarter lead.

The first match between the two sides took 4 hours, 17 minutes and 37 seconds, including 2 hours, 46 minutes and 43 seconds for Ke Jie and 1 hour, 30 minutes and 54 seconds for alphago.

Unlike the previous win of alphago, Ke Jie performed well in today's competition. In the final stage, alphago did not have a very obvious advantage.

In the first half of the game, Ke Jie was more relaxed and smiled 40 minutes later. But in the three hours of the game, Kejie's expression began to become dignified, and frequently pulled her hair and chin.

Hua Yigang, commentator of the game and Secretary General of the Chinese Go Association, said that every time Ke Jie started pulling her hair, it showed that there were some problems in the game.

Compared with last year's competition between Li Shishi and alphago, the time allocation of this competition has changed. At that time, the competition between Li Shishi and alphago was 2 hours per square, 5 seconds per minute, and this time it took 3 hours per square, 5 seconds per minute.

From the point of view of the competition process, time growth is good for COE Jie. Alphago is very fast. Some pieces even fall in 'seconds', so time is not important for alphago.

In the first game, kojie's approach has made some adjustments to alphago, many of which are not in accordance with the traditional way.

In Hua Yigang's view, this is also the innovation and change alphago brings to the go world, which makes the players' thinking more open and pursue the essence of go.

Wuzhen go summit lasts for five days. Starting from May 23, Ke Jie will play two other games with alphago on May 25 and 27.

In addition, the go summit also arranged match matches and group matches. In the match, gulee and Lianxiao will fight against alphago. In the group game, five top Chinese professional players will fight alphago in groups.