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What brand of lipstick is the best? Top ten lipstick brands

Lipstick is an essential cosmetic for girls. Girls' enthusiasm for lipstick is equivalent to boys' enthusiasm for watches and cars. It is not surprising that today's girls have dozens or hundreds of lipstick. Girls' resistance to lipstick is almost zero. So what brand of lipstick is the best? Here is a list of the top ten lipstick brands.

1、 No. 1 lipstick brand ranking: YSL

Classic lipstick stands for: YSL Saint Laurent satin gloss lipstick.

Product information: Saint Laurent pioneered bar shaped lip gloss, perfect combination of lip balm, inductive and fun coated with lip gloss and bright crystal texture, excellent cosmetic effect. The unique crystal and translucent texture can easily cover the lips with a bright, light and non greasy fresh fruit bright color. The special moisturizing formula can keep the lips more moist than expected after a whole day of application. With rich texture, it can repair and fill the lip lines more carefully, making the lips smooth, shiny and more shining.

2、 No. 2 lipstick brand ranking: Givenchy

Classic lipstick stands for Givenchy custom lipstick (Givenchy sheepskin)

Product information: Givenchy senior custom lipstick, lipstick tube body wrapped in Black Embossed sheepskin, integrated with fashion design director Riccardo Tisci's black romance and fashion design concept. Instant hand-held lipstick can be a combination of black leather and silver metal unique texture and fashion beauty. Inspired by the concept of high custom fashion, the design is wrapped in embossed Black Lambskin. Strong sense of touch and vision, silver and metal, simple and neat tube, prism rivet ornament, the center of the lipstick has 4GLOGO brand high saturation, high texture, strong color tension, semi matte makeup. Containing 50 times hyaluronic acid and natural beeswax, it is highly moisturizing, nourishing, light and lasting, with charming aroma.

3、 No. 3 lipstick brand ranking: Dior

Representative of classic Lipstick: Dior charm Lip Gloss

Product information: containing active collagen, it creates the most perceptual and plump effect for the lips. It can be used alone as lip gloss or collocation with your favorite lipstick to add charm to the smile.

Evaluation: the taste is vanilla. It feels like ice cream. It's cool when you rub it on your mouth. It can last for two or three hours. After five minutes, the lip lines disappeared, and I felt that my lips were very elastic, young and full. The 001 I bought this time seems to have only this color number. It's pink, but there's no color on my mouth. The key is also very refreshing. It's not greasy at all. It's better than his lip gloss. This BA says it can be painted in the evening. Anyway, I used it as a lip balm. It's very good. I'll buy it all the time. PS if lipstick is lipstick, it must be on the top first, then use this, and then lip gloss, it will feel good mouth.

4、 No. 4 lipstick brand ranking: Chanel

Classic lipstick stands for: Chanel coco Lip Balm

Product information: Miss coco lip balm, the new interpretation of Chanel classic. Innovative and upgraded formula, more soft, comfortable and shiny. Each new color is inspired by the family and close friends of a woman nicknamed Chanel cocoa. The 24 colors represent the most important people in the life of a Chanel lady: Arthur, Adriana, Lucy, Dimitri & hellip& hellip; Ingredient efficacy:? Three plant waxes & ndash; Mimosa, jojoba oil and sunflower & ndash; Provide moisturizing, moisturizing and repairing for lips, and instantly give lasting and comfortable care.? The unique silicone wax composition brings a new sensory experience, which is more soft and easy to melt. The application is smooth and creates a soft and comfortable feeling.? A layer of polymer film containing silicon particles can lock the rich color for a long time, and the lip makeup is more bright and eye-catching.

5、 No. 5 lipstick brand ranking: Estee Lauder

Classic lipstick stands for: Estee Lauder flower lipstick

Product information: customized 16 colors for Asian skin color, a touch of envy color; Manyun hyaluronic acid, three-dimensional abundant type; Admiring, lips pursing, the product has the effect of absolute light sense and color rendering. It is kneaded into the special color matching technology. It has 4 major colors and 16 tones, which is specially customized for Asian women. The lips are enriched with hyaluronic acid, moisturizing and repairing factors, releasing the rippling power, and the lips are elastic, moist, warped, and more plump.

6、 No. 6 lipstick brand ranking: Guerlain, France

Classic lipstick stands for: Guerlain new KISSKISS kiss lipstick

Product information: this stylish lipstick can help stimulate emotions and add a touch to the lips. The texture is silky and smooth, with a variety of different colors and poetic tones to choose from. It contains precious light reflection interference pigment, which can enhance the skin's reflective ability. Like playing with the light, the lips are bright and colorful, and the color is as pure as a gem. It is a daily necessity. It is in the shape of gold metal amulet. It looks like a totem pole and can be carried with you. There are more than 25 colors to choose from to meet your needs in any occasion.

7、 No. 7 lipstick brand ranking: Tom Ford lipstick

Classic Lipstick: TF clarinet

Product information: all the people who used the Tom Ford clarinet lipstick are almost identical in their evaluation. They are highly moisturizing, uniform in color and durable, and can be considered as the representative of the high quality lipstick in the cosmetics industry. Lipstick is not only very beautiful in packaging and color, but you must accept TA in appearance society. From the most everyday pink to orange and plum. Gently apply a layer of color on the lips to make it full. The cream is soft and smooth and completely dry.

8、 No. 8 lipstick brand ranking: SDR lipstick

Representative of classic Lipstick: SDR lipstick

Evaluation: SDR lipstick is specially customized for Asian women. It is produced in the same factory as YSL lipstick, but the price is less than half of YSL. It is a popular lipstick in China, with a total of 8 different colors. Velvet Matte texture, chromaticity, saturation and durability are comparable to YSL. A lipstick with great temperament and fullness.

9、 No. 9 lipstick brand ranking: Armani lipstick

Classic lipstick stands for: Armani's Color Lip Gloss (Armani CC red lipstick)

Product information: Armani subverts the lip makeup world, bringing the first CC lipstick in history: a new lip gloss incorporating CC cream, high color development and high maintenance concept, Armani color lip balm. The Armani red enamel tube with visual impact is hitherto unknown "top cream cream" lipstick, giving the lips the ultimate color while giving the imagination a lasting care. There was no parallel in history. CC lipstick was the best color and excellent color.

Ten, lipstick brand list tenth: Lancome lipstick

Classic lipstick stands for: Lancome's fascination with lipstick.

Product information: Lancome's love lipstick has 32 colors to choose from, and this evaluation is 337M rosy rose. This lipstick is natural and tender. It is smooth and easy to smear. It can not be stuck and has good makeup. It is natural after makeup. It is not heavy and moist. It is not suitable for nude make-up MM.