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How to mortgage housing loan mortgage housing loan process

With the continuous promotion of the house purchase policy, it is really a happy thing to buy a house in a city that meets the conditions. Even the mortgage house can be loaned. Everyone wants to buy a house first. After all, not everyone meets the purchase conditions. Let's first understand the process of mortgage house loan!

How to mortgage housing loans?

1. Mortgage houses are mortgaged through personal mortgage houses in the bank. The amount that the homeowner can borrow from the house being mortgaged is the amount that has been repaid and some rising parts of the house. After all, with the continuous return of mortgage loans, the balance of loans will decrease. At the same time, with the rise of market house prices, there will be more loans after revaluation according to the market price.

2. Basic requirements for loans: Chinese citizens aged 18 to 65 have legal and valid identity certificates, have a legitimate occupation, stable income, have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan in full on schedule, have a good credit record, and agree to set a mortgage on the real estate and its rights and interests in their personal name as a condition for loan issuance, with legal and legitimate financing purposes.

3. Basic information of loan: real estate certificate and other documents proving the ownership of mortgage right, applicant's and spouse's ID card, household register, marital status certificate, applicant's and spouse's income certificate, relevant certificates of loan purpose, and other relevant information required by the bank, bank interest rate.

4. Mortgage method: the bank interest rate shall be subject to the commercial loan interest rate specified by the people's Bank of China in the same period or fluctuate appropriately. If the loan term is less than one year, the repayment method of monthly or quarterly interest repayment and one-time principal repayment at maturity can be selected. If the loan term is more than one year, you can choose to repay by monthly principal and interest or principal.

What is the process of mortgage housing loan?

1. The process of mortgage housing loan when the borrower puts forward a written application for loan and provides the following information, the information certificates involved above, etc. Specifically, there are real estate certificates and other mortgage ownership certificates. ID card, household register and marital status certificate of the applicant and spouse. Income certificate of applicant and spouse. Relevant certificates of the purpose of the loan. Other relevant information required by the bank, bank interest rate and repayment method, etc.

2. The buyer and the Seller shall open an account with the loan bank, and the buyer shall deposit the first installment of the house purchase money in full into the account designated by the loan bank. After investigation, review and approval by the lender, the borrower and the lender shall sign the loan contract and the letter of authorization for transfer and deduction.

3. Go through the formalities of house ownership transfer, insurance, notarization and mortgage registration. Certificate of transfer of property rights. The borrower shall submit the house ownership certificate, other house ownership certificate and the insurance policy (original) of the purchased house that have completed the mortgage registration procedures to the lender for mortgage. Transfer loan. After the above procedures are completed, the lender will transfer the loan to the account opened by the borrower at the lender, and then transfer the loan from the borrower's account to the seller's account at one time according to the authorization of transfer and deduction authorization.