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Who can apply for a mortgage? What procedures do you need to go through to apply for a mortgage

Can anyone buy a house? For example, it's embarrassing that buyers have money, but they don't have the qualification to buy a house! Before buying a house, if you don't understand the local purchase policy, you always feel uneasy. It seems that you don't have a house or rent a house, and you don't have a sense of belonging. Even if some buyers have bought a house once, they still know a little about the buying process, and they still don't understand it when going through the formalities again. I'll summarize the precautions for buying a house and making a loan for your reference.

1、 What kind of person can apply for a mortgage?

1. At least 18 years old, with full civil act;

2. Have stable occupation and income;

3. Commercial housing sales (pre-sale) contract has been signed with the developer;

4. The down payment of more than 20% of the total purchase price has been paid;

5. The borrower and the property co owner are willing to mortgage the house and handle mortgage registration and property insurance.

2、 What information is required to apply for a loan?

1. Valid identity certificates (ID card, residence booklet or other valid residence certificate) of myself and his spouse, and the self-employed operator shall provide the business license (check the original and keep a copy);

2. Proof of the borrower's marital status (marriage certificate or single certificate);

3. Foreign, foreign or single, guaranteed by a person with a local registered permanent residence;

4. Proof of income and property of the borrower and his spouse;

5. Purchase contract and down payment receipt;

6. Letter of undertaking for mortgage of property co owners;

7. Bank housing mortgage loan application approval form.

3、 What are the loan limits and terms?

1. The maximum amount of loan shall not exceed 80% of the total price of the purchased real estate, and the maximum amount of commercial outlets shall not exceed 60%;

2. The loan term plus the age of the borrower shall not exceed the legal retirement age, and the longest shall not exceed 30 years.

4、 What procedures need to be handled for housing loan?

1. The borrower signs the house purchase contract with the developer and pays the down payment;

2. The borrower applies for a loan and submits loan materials;

3. Bank acceptance, investigation, review and approval;

4. The bank signs a loan contract with the borrower;

5. Handle notarization and insurance procedures;

6. Banks make loans.

5、 Which bank is the best for housing loans?

At present, the implementation standards of housing loan interest rates of various banks are inconsistent. Some banks have gone up, and borrowers need to find more banks for comparison. In addition, the lending speed and loan threshold of different banks are also different. Lenders may wish to make reasonable choices according to their actual situation.

Remind buyers to choose large state-owned banks as far as possible. Because the loan interest rate is lower than that of small private equity banks, if the lender does not have credit investigation and other problems, it can almost get the bank's approval. If you choose a loan bank, I suggest you look at the following as much as possible:

1. Look at the repayment method

As we know, there are two main ways of mortgage repayment: equal principal and equal principal and interest.

1) Equal principal repayment

Equal principal repayment means that the loan principal is repaid in equal amount every month, and the loan interest decreases month by month with the principal. The principal will be apportioned to each month, and the interest from the previous repayment date to the current repayment date will be paid at the same time.

2) Repayment of equal principal and interest

Equal repayment of principal and interest means that the principal and interest of the loan are repaid equally every month during the loan period, that is, the total principal of the mortgage loan and the total interest principal are added together and evenly distributed to each month of the repayment period.

Generally speaking, the repayment of equal principal and interest can save more interest than the repayment of equal principal and interest, but when applying for a loan, the bank that can make its own decision according to its own situation is certainly worth considering.

2. See whether there are liquidated damages for early repayment of the loan

With regard to early repayment of loans, some banks have provisions on the repayment time, requiring repayment for 6 months or 1 year before applying for early repayment of loans. Some will also charge a certain proportion of liquidated damages, while others do not have too many rigid requirements and can repay the loan at any time, which needs attention.

In short, the bank will evaluate the lender in many aspects. Xiaobian suggests that you understand the above contents before buying a house, so as to prepare for a rainy day.