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Why the house loan can't be done? What if the house loan can't be done

House prices are getting higher and higher. Many buyers have to borrow money from the bank. If they borrow money to buy a house, they have to apply for a loan from the bank, but the mortgage has not been applied for yet. What's the matter? What should I do if the mortgage doesn't come down? Now, for this problem, Xiaobian will explain it for you!

1、 What are the reasons for the failure of the loan?

1. Bad credit investigation

When buying a house with a loan, you need to check the borrower's credit investigation, which is an important basis for banks to judge consumers' repayment ability and understand consumers' credit level. Generally speaking, the bank has regulations that if the applicant's credit card and loan are overdue for 3 consecutive times or 6 times in total, he can't apply for a loan. Even if your overdue amount is very small and the number of times is not much, it will affect the handling of housing loan business.

2. Unstable work

After the bank's loan business is successfully handled, it needs to repay in full and on time every month. When approving the loan, some banks will pay more attention to whether the borrower's medical insurance and endowment insurance are paid normally, because these two types belong to employee insurance. The payment situation reflects the lender's work situation from the side. If the borrower's payment is unstable, it indicates that its work is unstable, Income is also unstable, and banks are worried about their ability to repay loans, so such borrowers may be rejected.

3. Housing property rights

For example, small property right houses have only sales contracts and no property right certificates, which are not recognized by the real estate registration department. Once there is a policy land development, the bank may face the risk of empty water. Therefore, the bank directly refuses to lend such houses. In addition, older second-hand houses may also be refused by banks.

2、 What if the loan can't be done?

1. Remedial loan

First of all, you can communicate with the bank clerk to understand the reasons for the delay in approving your loan. If the problem lies in the buyer's own credit, running water, liabilities, etc., it is suggested to increase the amount of down payment, reduce the amount of loan application, and apply for a loan from the bank after the materials are fully prepared.

2. Try another bank

Different banks have different lending policies. If they fail to apply for a loan in this bank, they may be able to successfully get the loan in a bank with loose lending policies. Therefore, when the loan cannot be made, buyers can try to change a bank loan.

3. Try a mortgage

If the bad credit investigation leads to the failure of credit loans, you can try mortgage loans. For high-value mortgages (such as cars and houses), generally small loan companies or commercial banks will relax the credit investigation conditions and increase the probability of loan approval.

4. Find a guarantee company

Of course, some buyers do not have good qualifications, but they especially want to buy this house. At this time, they can find a guarantee company for loans. It should be noted that the costs involved will be higher than those directly to the bank loan. Because the guarantee company not only needs the borrower to pay handling fees, but also needs to pay guarantee fees, interest fees and other expenses.

5. Change to a younger house

If you buy a second-hand house and the house age is too high (generally more than 20 or 25 years), it will become the reason for the bank to refuse to lend. In this case, there is no better solution. We have to choose another house whose age meets the bank's regulations.