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How to avoid the trap of real estate transaction in the transaction process of real estate transacti

Each of us who buy a house will devote twelve points of care. However, every line is like a mountain, because there will always be unexpected places if you are not professional. This requires us to learn professional real estate trading knowledge and avoid some real estate trading traps. So, Xiaobian, what is the transaction process of the real estate trading center? How to avoid the real estate transaction trap?

What is the transaction process of the real estate trading center?

1. The buying and selling process of second-hand houses refers to the process in which the owner of the house transfers the house that has obtained the house ownership certificate to others through buying and selling, exchange or other legal means. The sale of second-hand houses, also known as the sale of stock houses, is the process in which the buyer pays the house money, the seller delivers the house to the buyer, and handles the registration of transfer.

2. Procedures for transfer of ownership of second-hand housing transactions: the real estate sales contract signed first (available for local real estate transactions) states the agreements of both parties in the contract, such as how to pay and how to pay in several times. The transfer procedures are not complicated, as long as the original and copy of both parties' ID cards, household register, marriage certificate, tax payment certificate, contract Land certificate and real estate certificate can be transferred.

How to avoid the real estate transaction trap?

1. Note that both parties must be present and sign. If one party does not go, it must go to the notary office for entrustment! The one-time payment is one month faster than the loan. There is no difference in other aspects. The total time is that you can transfer the ownership (bring all the materials) on the day of signing the contract. You can get a new property certificate within 20 working days after the transfer, and then hand over the water and electricity charges.

2. When purchasing such real estate, it is important to conduct preliminary investigation, which should be comprehensive and comprehensive. In particular, for the sale of large second-hand houses, it is necessary to investigate the seller's financial statements, review whether there are major lawsuits, what lawsuits, whether there are long-term, whether there are major loans, the company's share capital, etc. in case of joint construction projects, it is necessary to review the joint construction agreement between the two parties.

3. The sale of second-hand houses has its special stories because of its different backgrounds. Second hand housing sales sometimes encounter good business opportunities, but at the same time, there are many risks and obstacles. With the development of the real estate market, the second-hand housing market will become larger and larger, and the business opportunities of second-hand housing will increase.