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What are the pits in the model room? What do you think of the model room

When you buy a house, the real estate consultant will take you to see the model room. The beautiful and luxurious model room will make you excited. Then the Xiaobian here will remind you not to be confused by the pit in the model room.

1: High priced accessories add color to the model room

The model room usually uses imported materials, which are superior to domestic products in texture, design and environmental protection. At the same time, the designer will match the shape, size and color of the furniture with the overall color and material style according to the unified style, so that the collocation of the model room looks seamless. Such a design is very expensive.

2: The template room space is enlarged

Model room? That's when the non load bearing wall is broken through. Some sample rooms replace the wall with a glass, which greatly increases the width of the space to strengthen the overall effect of the interior. The model house will appear larger and more beautiful than the house of the same size. In addition, in order to make the model room look more spacious, some developers will make the room larger than the actual room area, not only expanding the area, but also increasing the height.

3: Either the furniture shrinks or the household appliances are not put

For example, the size of furniture, most of the furniture placed in the model room is specially made according to the size of the room, and its size is too small, so buyers will feel that the room becomes narrow when they buy furniture themselves. The model room is generally not equipped with household appliances. There are basically no other household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and water heaters. In this way, it will look more spacious. After most buyers live in, it is impossible to find out the architectural drawings and measure the area with a ruler to verify whether the area of the model house is the same as that of the house for sale, so it is easy to ignore these details.

4: There are no pipes and other objects that hinder the space

There are basically no pipelines, water supply and drainage pipes and other objects that hinder the space in the model room. Water, electricity and gas are essential in every family life. However, in the model room, visitors can hardly see the pipes and wires, because it takes up space and visual image. But it should be clear that the pavement of these pipelines is real. Therefore, when visiting the sample room, we should know in detail the installation position of the pipeline, including which part of the space will be occupied, and make good expectations.

5: There are many mirrors without doors

Careful buyers are not difficult to find that in order to increase the space, the designer has another move, that is' no door ', which virtually adds points to the model room. Moreover, the mirror can be seen everywhere in the model room. The mirror is transparent and reflective. It is one of the most popular items in house design. It is an item with good visual depth and sense of space. When looking at the house, imagine how the overall effect will be if you don't use a mirror.

6: The model room never turns off the light

When we enter the model room, we will find that a lot of beauty is created through lighting, such as chandeliers, wall lamps, etc. the conversion of light intensity also makes the room beautiful. Under such a premise, the natural light shining into the room is easy to be ignored. We should know that daily life can not be completely illuminated by lights, and daylighting is the top priority.

For buyers, the model house is just a three-dimensional map for reference. As for what your home will be like in the future, buyers need to look at it calmly, ask carefully, think objectively and calculate it one by one.

As consumers, they should be vigilant. In order to avoid being 'dumb', they can put forward requirements and make clear agreements with developers when buying a house. In the future, what is the same and what is different between the actual house and the model room can be made clear as the 'supplementary terms' in the purchase contract.