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Who is not suitable for using electric blankets? What are the hazards of electric blankets

The weather is getting colder and colder. Many people use electric blankets. They are easy to use and fast to heat. These advantages make consumers choose this heating tool. However, the harm of electric blankets can not be ignored, and electric blankets are not necessarily suitable for everyone. For example, pregnant women and babies are not suitable for using electric blankets. Let's analyze the harm of electric blankets and take precautions.

【1】 When the electric blanket is turned on, it will also have a very low electromagnetic field. Although the current is very small, it is potentially dangerous for the elderly and weak, patients with heart disease and infants, and will also have some adverse effects on women's endocrine. Serious hazards of the electric blanket will also lead to infertility. Sleeping on the electric blanket by pregnant women may also lead to fetal malformation. Such people can use hot water bags or air conditioners to keep warm in winter, preferably without electric blankets.

【2】 The harm of electric blanket is that the heat generated for a long time will have an adverse effect on men's seminal vesicles, because men's testicles can ensure the vitality of sperm at a lower temperature. Frequent use of electric blanket will cause men to have less sperm or lead to weak sperm vitality.

【3】 Children's physical vitality is relatively large. As the saying goes, 'children have three pots of fire on their hips'. Children are not afraid of cold bedding. If they often use electric blankets and get used to the heat of electric blankets, their resistance to cold will be reduced, their immunity will be reduced, and their growth and development will be affected. Therefore, it is not recommended to use electric blankets for children.

【4】 The harm of electric blanket is that too high temperature will reduce the quality of sleep and make you feel depressed after getting up the next day. In fact, it is not comfortable to sleep on electric blanket for a long time. In addition, electric leakage may occur if individual electric blankets with poor quality are not well maintained after long-term use, so it is best not to use them when sleeping.

【5】 Patients suffering from hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases should pay attention to the greatest harm of electric blanket to these people. Electric blanket is a mechanical heating, which will destroy the balance mechanism of human body, so as to promote the rise of blood pressure, which is easy to cause myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, so we should be highly vigilant. People with bronchitis, tracheitis, emphysema and asthma often use electric blankets, which is also easy to cause sore throat, hoarseness and cough, aggravating their condition. Because the use of electric blanket will accelerate blood circulation and dilate blood vessels, resulting in the aggravation of bleeding in patients with hemorrhagic diseases, it is not suitable for patients with gastric bleeding, pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis, ulcer bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage.

Although electric blankets can keep warm, the harm of electric blankets can not be ignored. Improper use also has the opposite effect. The use time should not be too long, and should not have direct contact with the human body. Generally, it is better to turn on the power for heating 1 hour before going to bed and turn off the power before going to sleep. People who often use electric blankets should increase their drinking water sooner or later. To reduce the harm of electric blanket to the body.