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Do these six things well between husband and wife to make the marriage more stable

many people may think that marriage problems can be solved by reading related books or even psychotherapy. Actually not. To keep a happy marriage, we don't need to adjust and overhaul the relationship between husband and wife. Instead, we need to make small adjustments that seem inconspicuous. If we insist on them for a long time, we can achieve remarkable results. Recently, an article in Prevention magazine summed up the formula to make marriage happier and more stable, that is, to insist on spending six hours a week and doing six small things.

1. Say goodbye.

Before going out in the morning and saying goodbye, take some time for a brief exchange to understand one of the most important things your partner will do that day. Maybe it's lunch with a friend, going to the hospital, or talking to your parents on the phone & hellip; & hellip; before going out in the morning, the couple will say a few words to find out if there's anything exciting and exciting about each other instead of leaving without saying goodbye.

Schedule: 10 minutes per week, 5 working days, 2 minutes per day.

2. Meet again.

When you finish your busy work and meet your partner again, you can create a simple reunion ceremony, such as a kiss for six seconds, so that both parties can expect to rush home. After the reunion ceremony, the husband and wife should talk for at least 20 minutes, which can help relieve the pressure at work, provide the opportunity for both parties to feel the same and 'non sexual intimacy', and enable the husband and wife to understand each other's pressure and problems outside the marriage.

Schedule: 1 hour 40 minutes per week, 5 working days, 20 minutes per day.

3. Appreciate and praise.

Look for opportunities to sincerely express your love and appreciation to your partner. Husband and wife can try to write a praise diary to record some important and small things that your partner does in your marriage life that you love, appreciate and move. This will make your partner feel valued and see the positive side of your partner. For example, the husband can say to his wife: 'thank you for helping me to wash the dishes last night, so that I can finish the work in time. You are such a kind and considerate wife. '

Schedule: 35 minutes per week, 5 minutes per day.

4. Body caress.

When the husband and wife are together, the physical caress is helpful to enhance the relationship between the husband and the wife. Before falling asleep, hugging or kissing and saying good night to each other can help the couple release the unhappiness and stress accumulated in a day and enhance their intimacy.

Schedule: 35 minutes per week, 5 minutes per day.

5. Two person world.

The 'two man world' is crucial for couples. Apart from public and private affairs, dating can enhance the relationship between husband and wife in a relaxed and romantic way. When dating, try asking open-ended questions, such as, 'do you have a plan in mind when I want to go on holiday with you?' or 'how is your boss doing to you this week?'.

Schedule: 2 hours, once a week.

6. Regular meetings.

Marriage experts point out that it takes only one hour a week to discuss the concerns of both parties in marriage, which can change the way couples deal with conflicts. Spend time each week discussing differences, so that couples have free space to express their concerns and fears about marriage, so that they feel that their partners are still listening and caring for themselves, rather than being ignored. The weekly meeting can be carried out in this way: first, comment on what aspects of marriage have worked well since the last meeting. Then give each other five 'likes' that have not been expressed before, which should be specific and have examples. Next, we will focus on the new problems in marriage. Husband and wife should take turns as spokesmen and listeners.

Schedule: 1 hour per week. A kind of