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How much is the world's most expensive coffee like shit? Why is a cup of coffee like shit so expensi

For people who like coffee, like excrement coffee is absolutely unheard of! Cat excrement coffee, we all know that the main raw material is that the cat eats the coffee beans, digests them, and then finds those coffee beans from their excrement. Therefore, the world's most expensive like excrement coffee is the same. In this way, when you think about the dung of elephants, you may have an indescribable feeling about the dung coffee.

According to foreign media reports, Ding Jin, a Canadian entrepreneur, developed the world's most expensive elephant dung coffee. Ding Jin has always been devoted to coffee research. In 2003, he tasted his first experiment of elephant dung coffee, but at that time, it only tasted like an elephant. After 10 years of research and development, it has finally achieved the birth of the world's most expensive elephant dung coffee.

It is reported that when elephants eat rice, fruits and vegetables mixed with coffee beans, digestive enzymes in the gastric juice can remove the protein that causes coffee beans to suffer. The coffee beans immersed in juice and vegetable juice will be fermented in the elephant's stomach, thus producing a unique sweet fruit flavor. However, for every 33 kg of coffee beans eaten by elephants, only 1 kg of elephant dung coffee can be produced.

That's why it's the most expensive coffee in the world. Dingjin's coffee costs 180 euros (about 1386 yuan) per 100 grams. In some five-star hotels or Michelin restaurants, a cup of brewed elephant dung coffee costs more than 60 dollars (about 414 yuan). For food, would you like to taste one of the most expensive coffee in the world.