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What configuration does PS need? Analysis of PS's requirements for computer configuration

What configuration does PS need? Analysis of PS's requirements for computer configuration PS is the software that we often use in daily drawing. Many friends think that running PS requires high computer configuration, especially a good graphics card, so as to run smoothly. What configuration does PS need? Let's have a look.

So what is the configuration of the computer running PS?

In fact, for computers that do PS graphic design, CPU, memory and hard disk are the key points. As for GPU (graphics card), the general entry-level independent display is enough, or there is no problem with using the core display directly, that is, to open a hardware acceleration.

1、 PS computer configuration requirements: CPU

CPU performance is important for PS, but it doesn't need to be too high-end. The higher the performance of the CPU, the faster the PS processing speed. The CPU mainly eats filters, but others are not very sensitive. The higher the frequency of CPU, the better the performance will be. Now the new version of PS strengthens the optimization of multi-core and multi-threaded, and is more friendly to the new CPU.

In short, although PS is not particularly picky about CPU, it can't use too low-end ones. Try to choose mainstream ones, mainly high-frequency ones, such as core i5 in Intel CPU or sharp dragon 5 in AMD. If it's not bad for money, of course, i7 is better.

2、 PS computer configuration requirements: memory

When running Photoshop software, you eat memory very much, especially when you process large pictures. At the current computer level, 8GB memory is only the beginning. For general graphic design, 8g memory is enough, such as art work in Taobao store.

However, if you want to process large pictures, 16g or more memory is necessary. When you face these large pictures, you will find that 8GB and 16GB memory are not the same computer. If the budget is sufficient, you can also directly add 32GB of memory. This improvement may not be so obvious, but it will work when you deal with large images.

3、 PS computer configuration requirements: hard disk

When it comes to hard disks, it is estimated that many people will think so: they just store things, and the capacity is large enough. However, for PS, the speed of hard disk can not be ignored. As we all know, it's really painful for PS to open pictures and store pictures. Mechanical hard disk and solid-state disk are even more important for PS. for example, when I open a 13gb picture, it takes 10 minutes to use a mechanical hard disk, but it can be opened smoothly in 5 minutes by changing a SSD. Users using SSD have started processing pictures, and you are still waiting for the picture to open & hellip& hellip;

At the same time, SSDs also have speed. You can also choose SSDs with faster speed and larger capacity. Pictures that originally took 5 minutes to open can also be opened in 3 minutes. Of course, you have to pay more budget for this.

what? A picture 13gb? If you think the size of the picture is calculated in m at most, then your pattern Tucson is broken. I tell you that more than 30 g's of an original satellite image made by surveying and mapping are also normal, in TIF format. Use PS to cut into several small plots. After cutting, each plot is about 500m

Of course, if you are facing pictures of hundreds of K or tens of M, then ordinary mechanical hard disk is enough.

Summary: PS computer configuration requires Photoshop computer configuration recommendation

For PS users, the focus when selecting accessories should be as follows: Memory & gt; CPU > There is no need to invest too much budget in hard disk and graphics card. Generally, the entry-level independent display or core display can be used.

Specifically, it is recommended to start with 8g memory, preferably 16g or larger. The CPU can use the current mainstream, such as i5 or Ruilong ryzen5. SSD is preferred for hard disk, or solid state + mechanical combination scheme can be used. Don't care too much about the graphics card. If there is a set display, use the set display. If there is no set display, just show the last entry alone.