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The date on the driving license and driving license is very important. What do these four dates mean

There are some dates on the driver's license and driving license. Some of these dates are valid dates, some are vehicle inspection dates, and some things are scoring cycles. What are the functions of these dates? Today we'll learn more about it!

Vehicle inspection date

Motor vehicle inspection (commonly known as annual inspection, annual inspection and vehicle inspection) is an essential link in the process of vehicle use.

Although there is a new policy of 6-year inspection exemption for new cars, so that we don't have to be so troublesome, we still want to remind you that the 6-year inspection exemption for new cars is only the step of exempting vehicles from passing through the line at the inspection station. You still need to get the inspection mark from the traffic police department and go through the formalities.

If there is a problem with the vehicle inspection date, it will be a lot of trouble. Not only will it be punished and detained by the traffic police, but also there will be a traffic accident if the vehicle inspection is not carried out on time, and the insurance company will not lose money!

Insurance deadline

The expiration of the insurance due to unclear insurance date may also cause trouble.

If the vehicle runs on the road when the insurance expires, it is regarded as an uninsured vehicle. If the police find that the compulsory insurance expires, they will be fined twice the premium, make up the compulsory insurance, and detain the vehicle. But being punished by the police is light. In case of a traffic accident, you can't regret it. The things that the insurance company can help you handle properly are now handled by yourself.

Validity of driver's license

The validity period of the driver's license is 6 years, 10 years and long-term. Although this provides great convenience for drivers, it also reduces people's attention to the validity period of the driver's license to a certain extent, resulting in many drivers may forget the validity period of the driver's license.

Driving on the road after the driver's license expires will not only be punished by the traffic police. In case of traffic accidents, only compulsory insurance will be paid, and commercial insurance will refuse to pay.

The driver is valid for 6 years when applying for a driver's license for the first time. If 12 points are not recorded every year within these 6 years, the driver's license can be replaced for a period of 10 years when the driver's license expires; Similarly, during the 10-year validity period, if 12 points are not recorded every year, you can change your long-term driver's license when you change your license next time.

According to the regulations, the driver's license with C license does not need to be reviewed annually, but the license shall be replaced at the expiration of its validity. The driver's license can be replaced three months before the expiration of the driver's license.

Scoring cycle of driver's license

The traffic management department of the public security organ shall, in addition to imposing administrative penalties according to law, implement a cumulative scoring system for motor vehicle drivers who violate road traffic safety laws and regulations. The scoring cycle is 12 months, and the full score is 12 points, which is calculated from the date when the motor vehicle driver's license is first obtained.

That is: if you get the driver's license on October 12, 2018, your scoring cycle is from the day you get the license to 24:00 on October 11, 2019. If the score is less than 12 points in the scoring cycle and the fine has been paid, the score shall be eliminated. If there are still fines not paid, the score shall be transferred to the next scoring cycle. It is not cleared on January 1 every year!

Particular attention

Drivers with A1, A2, A3, B1 and B2 driving licenses shall go to the traffic management department of the public security organ for examination within 30 days after the end of each scoring cycle. However, if there is no scoring record within one scoring cycle, they shall be exempted from the examination of this scoring cycle, and so on in the second year.

In these cases, you should pay attention to the annual review:

1. Those who hold A1, A2, A3, B1 and B2 driver's licenses have scores in one scoring cycle;

2. Those who hold C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, D, e, F, m, N, P driver's licenses, bear the same or more responsibilities for death caused by traffic accidents within a scoring cycle, and have not been revoked their motor vehicle driver's license;

3. School bus driver.