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Gold jewelry blackening how to clean gold jewelry cleaning and maintenance tips summary

Gold jewelry blackening how to clean gold jewelry cleaning and maintenance tips summary if gold jewelry is worn for a long time, its surface will blacken and lose luster, and sometimes it will be stained. How should gold jewelry be cleaned? The wrong way of cleaning will damage gold jewelry. The following Xiaobian will teach you the correct cleaning and maintenance methods!

1: Remove dust

When there are dust and stains on the surface of the gold necklace, you can use a soft brush to dip in hot water and gently brush on the surface of the gold necklace. Of course, it is best to wet the cotton ball with soapy water and then wipe the gold necklace. Note that you must not use tools with particles to wipe it, so as not to cause wear to the gold necklace.

2: Wash

First put the gold necklace into the cleaning container, then pour an appropriate amount of water into the container, add a small amount of ammonia, close the container mouth, and shake the container back and forth until the gold necklace has no visible stains. After taking it out, wipe the gold necklace dry with a paper towel, and then carefully wipe the closed position of the gold necklace.

3: Remove white spots

When gold jewelry comes into contact with cosmetics, it will produce white spots or turn white. At this time, you only need to bake the gold necklace in the fire for a while, and then wipe it with a soft towel. The gold necklace can restore its luster when it was just bought. Remember not to use a knife to scrape the white spots on the gold necklace, or polish it with sandpaper.

4: Clean surface stains

Stains on the surface of the gold necklace will darken its luster. When this phenomenon occurs, you can use the developing powder for developing photos, add warm water to the developing powder for blending, then add as much water as the blended liquid for dilution, soak the gold necklace in the liquid, and clean the stains with a soft brush after 6 minutes, Just rinse it with clean water.

Maintenance of gold ring

Gold rings are not easy to wear, but careful maintenance is also indispensable.

The first thing we need to pay attention to is to keep the gold ring away from chemicals. Cosmetics and fragrances in life contain certain chemical components. Therefore, when making up and nursing, it is best to remove the gold rings.

Secondly, it's best to take off the gold ring when doing manual work. The gold ring is easy to deform. After being squeezed, the original shaped ring will become uneven, so you might as well take off the ring when doing heavy physical work.

Finally, gold rings are exquisite when they are stored. It's best to store it separately, not in the same place as other jewelry, so as to avoid all kinds of unnecessary wear and tear.