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What procedures do I need to go through to buy a house? I need to be present in the second-hand hous

In order to be convenient and fast, buyers who buy second-hand houses usually entrust intermediaries to trade on their behalf. Then, what are the processes of second-hand house transactions? What are the advantages of intermediaries in second-hand housing transactions? Which links must the buyer be present? In the second-hand housing transaction, what processes must I come forward?

1、 What are the processes of second-hand housing transactions?

1. Prepare to buy a house: the information that the buyer needs to know generally includes purchase qualification, information materials that need to be prepared, looking for intermediaries, sales consultation, reviewing his own economic situation, etc., so as to make sufficient preparations for purchase;

2. House viewing and house selection: generally, the intermediary finds a suitable house source according to the requirements of the client, that is, it makes an appointment with the client. The buyer looks at the house accompanied by the intermediary and selects the house he is satisfied with;

3. Property right inquiry: after the buyer selects the house to be purchased, it also needs to check the property right certificate of the purchased house, clarify the owner information of the house, the relationship between the property right owner and the seller, whether the house can be traded, etc., so as to prevent unnecessary disputes caused by property rights;

4. Signing and booking: this link also includes the signing of house purchase contracts and the payment of deposits. It is a very important link in second-hand house transactions. Many house purchase agreements are generated at this moment, and these signed contracts will also be important vouchers;

5. Payment of house money: the ways of paying house money are different. There are full money and loans. Depending on the personal situation, the procedure of buying a house with loans is much more complex and takes longer than buying a house with full money;

6. Tax payment and transfer: the taxes to be paid for the purchase of second-hand houses mainly include personal income tax and deed tax. After completing the above links, the seller will transfer the house to the buyer;

7. Property delivery: generally, it involves the handover of property, water and electricity, cable TV, gas, etc. if there are furniture and household appliances in the property, it is necessary to verify whether they have been replaced or moved away. Finally, the owner will turn the key and officially complete the transaction.

2、 Which links must I be present?

1. House viewing: the intermediary finds a suitable house source according to the buyer's requirements, agrees the house viewing time, and goes to see the house together accompanied by the intermediary. The seller may not always be present, but the buyer must be present. If you buy and live your own house, you must see with your own eyes whether you are satisfied with the house type, lighting and house quality, and then decide whether to continue the transaction;

2. Signing: signing is carried out on the premise of deciding to buy. Signing generally includes the signing of house purchase contracts, deposit contracts, intermediary contracts and other contracts in housing transactions. The contract signed by both parties is the evidence of house purchase, so the buyer must be present, and put forward suggestions on some controversial terms, and then negotiate and deal with them;

3. Face to face signing: if the buyer uses the loan to pay the house price, the buyer also needs to face sign the loan, and relevant certificates and signatures of relevant personnel must be provided.

4. Online signing and transfer: the responsible persons of the buyer and the seller are required to be present during online signing and transfer. The intermediary only serves as a guide. In specific links, the responsible persons of both parties are also required to come forward in person to pay taxes, change property rights and other acts. Even if they are not present, they must be handled by the designated responsible person with an effective proxy notary.

In short, buyers should not feel that some real estate transaction procedures can be handled through intermediaries. But some formalities cannot be handled by intermediaries. Remind you that if you have experience, you'd better do everything yourself.