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How does red rice mobile phone do power percentage in society? Setting method of power percentage of

Setting method of power percentage of red rice mobile phone Hongmi mobile phone has always followed the cost-effective route. Many people around are using it. Many users want to set the battery as a percentage. In this way, judging from the remaining power on the mobile phone, how can Hongmi mobile phone set the power percentage? Let's have a look.

Open the [settings] icon

Find [notification and status bar] and click to enter,

Find [power style in status bar] on the page and click to enter

You can see that the default mode of the system is graphical mode. Click [digital mode] to see the power percentage

Well, the above is the method of setting the power percentage of Hongmi mobile phone brought by Xiaobian. The tutorial is simple, but very practical. Finally, I hope Xiaobian's tutorial can help you.