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The most popular 15 balcony decoration renderings in 2017 instantly add 10 square meters to the home

the balcony is the only place in the family that can touch the outside world. It has warm spring wind, fresh green plants, fresh air and blue sky. If Hefei people don't make good use of this unique environment, isn't it too wasteful? We should use space flexibly to make our home bigger!

Create a private space on the balcony, a wooden chair, a layer of green plants with different shapes, one or two paintings representing nature, and match them with pure white curtains. Hasn't such a floral and grass green environment attracted you?

The wooden rocking chair is fresh and natural. The colorful flowers on the table give people a romantic feeling. Sitting on the rocking chair in free time, a cup of coffee and a book is a pleasant afternoon.

Simple iron table and chair with green plants, not only make the balcony full of vitality, but also purify the air. Enjoying flowers, watering flowers and pruning leaves are all good pastimes in leisure time. Then, carefully feel the green natural landscape in front of you, so that you forget your troubles and return to your original heart.

The simple and smooth iron flower stand is a delicate work of art on the balcony, perfectly integrated into the American style home environment; the antique floor tiles give people a nostalgic feeling; the classical iron wall lamp creates a different warmth for the balcony.