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Where is Fuji haunted house in Japan? Introduction to Fuji haunted house in Japan

Fuji emergency haunted house has been recognized as the largest and most terrible haunted house in the Guinness Book of world records. It's really terrible. How terrible is Fuji emergency haunted house? You can try it bravely. Come on, take this strategy first!

How much is the ticket to Fuji haunted house in Japan?

Purchase one-day pass

4000 yen (about 248 RMB) / 1 group (4 persons)

3000 yen (about 186 yuan) / 1 group (3 persons)

Customers who do not purchase one-day pass:

8000 yen (about 490 yuan) / 1 group (4 persons)

The charge may change during the peak period in summer, please pay attention!

Absolute Preferred Securities:

Customers who want to buy absolute priority tickets can go to the designated window next to the carousel in the park. The number of tickets per day is limited. It is recommended to buy them in advance.

Introduction to Fuji emergency haunted house in Japan on Halloween

Ciji General Hospital

The theme of haunted house is an abandoned hospital with patients as human experiments and imprisoned patients as the background. The gloomy and terrible atmosphere and sudden events keep your little heart hanging in the air.

Although it's a broad day, you can feel the overall gloomy and gloomy environment from the outside. Looking up may darken your stimulation and cool from the entrance. Moreover, the facilities have been upgraded this time. If you like, why don't you come and see if it is suitable for your inner shadow area?

Personal clinic

Before you start, watch a video in the personal clinic to feel the loneliness and depression brought by the abandoned hospital, and suggest to go first. This is the biggest charm of the haunted house. You can deeply feel the next horror only after you believe it~~

Mortuary incinerator

Personally feel the burning feeling and smell of the experimentee in the incinerator, stimulate the instinctive terror in the body, and with the general atmosphere of silence, the psychological hint goes another wave, so that the body can remember this creepy feeling.


In the innermost part of the haunted house, there is a huge shelter. The experimenters are detained in endless darkness. With the sound of iron railings and the voice of the dead floating in the air, they feel the surrounding terrorist atmosphere from the five senses, like a deadly poison. They want to escape but can't stop the wonders in their hearts. Explore them one by one.

Skeleton wall passage

It has long been said that there is a skeleton wall composed of countless skeletons in the hospital, but I didn't expect the realism to be so high!

Corpse corridor

When I passed the corridor, I inadvertently looked up and saw the tortured and unrecognized bodies of the nurse sister and the patient.

Visual perception is not enough. Obstacles have been placed in some corridors. You have to climb over with your hands and feet.

Bloody operating room

In the operating room of this hospital, there have been operations to remove the internal organs of living people, even newborn babies. I'm not afraid to enter this kind of operating room.. It's also fake!

If the empty operating table and the choking smell of disinfectant only aggravate the terrible atmosphere, the uncle hiding in front of us is really creepy!!!

Terrorist shelter

As soon as you enter the shelter, the smell of terror seeps into your pores. As soon as he turned around, he saw a big brother full of insects lying on the hospital bed in front of him.

Resist the impulse to run and try to have a close look at big brother. Unexpectedly, big brother changed color.

On the white hospital bed lay all kinds of miserable dead bodies, babies, adults... It makes people really feel how terrible things have happened in this place.


This Halloween, come to the urgent ghost house in Mount Fuji, Japan to feel the horror beyond the horror! Caution! Don't be timid!