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How to deal with the burnt carpet by cigarette butts? 4 tips to help you repair it

How to do if the carpet is burned by cigarette butts? 4 tips to help you repair it most people who smoke at home will encounter cigarette butts lying down on the carpet. The carpet is burned and looks very eye-catching. They don't know how to clean it. What to do if cigarette butts burn the carpet? Let's follow Xiaobian.

Find the same spare parts for repair

1. Find the small pieces of spare materials left when paving the carpet.

2. Then cut off the burnt carpet.

3. Then cut a piece of the same spare material and mend it. It can't be seen from a distance.

Repair with wool of similar color

First, use a hard brush to brush the burned place several times to ensure that there is no floating hair on the surface. Then cut some carpet wool at the corners of the carpet, apply glue to the damaged part, and then carefully stick the cut wool to the damaged part.

If the hole is worn through the carpet, first stick a layer of cloth on the hole on the back, and then carry out the above operation.

Find a professional

If the carpet is burned by cigarette butts, it's best to find a professional mender to help you. It is not recommended to repair such large-area damage, so as not to aggravate the damage.

Repair method of smoke hole in polypropylene carpet and nylon carpet

Hot holes in cigarette butts will give many people a headache and think they can't be repaired. In fact, about the carpet, we need to know its material. If it is polypropylene carpet, the possibility of general repair is very low. Polypropylene carpet does not have fire prevention requirements. Even if it is repaired successfully, there will be obvious repair traces. Correspondingly, the nylon carpet will be much better, and the nylon carpet has good flame resistance on the material itself. If you need to repair, you need to have a corresponding carpet head. If not, you can cut it from the infrequently used area such as under the bed.