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What is the time of mutual guarantee for Alipay?

What is the time of mutual guarantee for Alipay?

Up to now, Alipay's latest online mutual insurance service has surpassed 8 million people to buy, so we can see how terrible it is. Let's see how to pay for Alipay mutual insurance.

Brief introduction of mutual payment Alipay protection

Alipay 'mutual insurance' is a service launched by ants insurance and Xin Mei jointly to the ant members. It can protect the low threshold, high transparency, and help each other in a serious illness. To tell the truth, it is a very conscientious insurance service product. Then some small buddy can not understand how to pay Alipay mutual insurance and how much money is the mutual guarantee?

How to pay for Alipay mutual insurance?

After the mutual guarantee has been opened, the 14 and 28 days of each month will be assessed. On the same day, the amount of the apportionment of each period will be deducted from each other by the way of Alipay automatic payment.

Apportioned amount of each period = (total guarantee amount of accident cases publicized in the current period + 10% management fee) / number of members at the time of publicity.

The above is the mutual insurance payment formula, but the amount shared by each user for a single patient member does not exceed 10 cents. The more people join, the number of patients will increase, but the number of people shared will also increase.

So you don't have to worry about opening or buying mutual insurance. You don't have serious diseases all year round. It's not cost-effective. Even if you don't have any serious diseases all year round, the cost of buying this mutual insurance service insurance may be less than 1 yuan a year, so don't worry about the cost of mutual insurance.

More detailed understanding of mutual protection