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Leather sofa with or without cushion

Leather sofa with or without cushion

Leather sofa is relatively delicate, especially easy to be scratched. So in daily use or with a sofa cushion more at ease. Here are some suggestions for you!

Do you want cushions for leather sofa

The cushion of leather sofa can want or not, can consider according to own preference and actual family environment.

Leather sofa is not easy to dirty, easy to clean, so do not cushion completely feasible. In addition, the surface of leather sofa is relatively smooth, and the cushion may slide easily. Of course, from the other side, the cushion can protect the leather and prolong the service life. Especially for pets at home, it's better to have a cushion safety point.

What cushion does leather sofa match

Leather sofa selection first look at collocation

Leather sofa looks more upscale atmosphere generally, so, the sofa cushion of general cloth art is not very suitable. One cloth cushion with leather sofa is not antiskid, the other will reduce its elegant temperament.

Leather sofa with or without cushion

Like the leather sofa cushion against it, or fiber sofa cushion will be more suitable. Try to match the color or form a good contrast color.

Second, the durability of the cushion

For example, flax sofa cushion, made of pure natural materials, has waterproof effect, and is resistant to friction, high temperature, fast heat dissipation and so on. Its decoration and comfort are very strong, with good air permeability. When used at room temperature, the actual temperature of human body can be reduced by 3-4 ℃. As a leather sofa cushion is very good.

In addition, summer choose mat sofa cushion is very good, ice but not cold, sweat absorption and ventilation, fine technology, good flexibility, not easy to break, affordable, bottom anti-skid without gauze, anti-skid effect is good, and easy to customize, affordable.

In winter, in order to cover the coolness on the leather sofa, the sofa cushion made of plush and wool is generally selected, which is noble and generous.